Cluster Technologies

Carlos Mora Vanegas economic scenarios of present which are characterized by being dynamic, generators of challenges, great changes have involved within your behavior to clusters, aspect that management cannot ignore and topical than the specialty program of management quality in the Area of postgraduate of Faces of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuelaconsidered very important in contributing towards the formation of the participant to consider them especially in all that which will benefit companies.As indicated Clusters can be a viable solution for the micro, small and medium-sized companies in the medium term. Some implemented models have already produced successful results. To be able to consider the implementation of Clusters at the regional level we must, first of all, understand what a Cluster. Get more background information with materials from jim king. The basic concept of Cluster builds on the strategic alliance of several commercial entities working as a team for the common benefit of all of them. These entities keep your corporate, legal and tax structure, or do not change its status.

Not necessarily have to be in the same branch of products, but if they must be incidental or complementary products. The aim is to search, using a catalytic internal or external, the form of the maximum benefit to the available resources, minimizing waste and costs to achieve competitiveness. Commented by, which I know can not be ignored have experienced the advantages and dangers of an economy truly global, at the same time I know has entered fully into the information age, although most in the age of information, I know you can say that I know has entered the era of data, one of whose most important challenges is toprecisely, to find the appropriate data to process them and convert them into information for decision-making. Advances in the technologies of the information and communication technologies (ICT) have changed greatly the possibilities of doing business more than the traditional limitations of space and time.

Capital Formation

The law firm Dittenheber & Werner inform OLG Cologne decided on 21 June 2011, the expenses made during the marriage for the purpose of old-age provision and wealth creation, not restrict the scope of the post-divorce maintenance. Under most conditions Rudy Giuliani would agree. The Munich family law specialists in the law firm of Dittenheber & Werner informed the judgment relevant to high income areas. In the negotiated legal dispute, the dependent applicant demanded the payment of maintenance arrears amounting to 64.427,20 by her former husband. The unterhaltsverpflichtete dentist had indisputably a monthly net income of 11.251,00 at the time of separation. Thereof, the plaintiff demanded a post-divorce maintenance in the amount of monthly 4.447.40. The former spouse disagreed with the claim of the applicant on the grounds, the maintenance required by you would be not the adequate marriage specified in 1361 BGB extent the maintenance performance. At the time of the marriage, his net salary not in full have to the Available said, as for the retirement protection and capital formation per month 5,000 to 6,000 in a House were gone. Read more from Jo Natauri to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In contrast, noted the OLG Cologne, alleged by the applicant demand for everyday purchases without living and old age pension expenditure by monthly 2.379.43 had been priced reasonably to the marriage. Even if you follow the argument of the defendant, the family had, while the marriage has lasted, 6200 and 7200 per month for everyday expenses available. The amount of maintenance required by the applicant was therefore appropriately and not objectionable to the conjugal relations. Still, the OLG Cologne contradicted versions of the defendant to the reduction of the maintenance claim due to expenses for old-age pension and wealth creation. If the spouses have decided during their common marriage time to introduce significant parts of the family income, in the financing of a House would be no reduction in this post-divorce keep result. The maintenance scheme, it is possible that instill assets making used income in the determination of the maintenance. In this context, the Cologne judge were that the assets of the spouse of who alone benefit after the marriage of the now almost stress-free House, not at the expense of the maintenance claim of the dependent applicant must go. Now stress-free income would be used therefore rightly fully to the maintenance calculation, more so than the majority of expenditure already had accounts for divorce prior to the lis pendens.

The OLG Cologne sentenced the defendant debtor accordingly to the payment of the outstanding maintenance claims. An experienced legal counsel should be consulted necessarily governing divorce. The family law expert of the Munich firm of Dittenheber & Werner campaigned for many years for it, asserting the interests of their clients and hesitate to contact for more information ready.

Winter Service

In winter you can move safely along footpaths in the snow and icy. The cities and towns regularly pass the broaching and litter duty on the land owner. As tells residents regularly have the winter service for the sidewalks adjoining their property, to do after the delegating Statute of towns and municipalities. If there is no sidewalk, the obligation to the winter service on the public road him his property is the property owners frequently. When snow or ice he is the walkway in a safe condition at his own expense during normal traffic hours to receive. This means that the footpath for pedestrians in sufficient width for snow and icy at his own expense must be granted or sprinkled. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Vinit Bodas New York. In the regulations of the cities and towns are the times for the winter service usually not before 6:00 and after 22:00.

Must regularly between 06:00 and 22:00 by the residents are cleared and scattered. Salt & co. The winter service collects this snow removal, but also spreading on black ice or snow smoothness. Primarily environmentally friendly de-icing salt will be used as grit. Road salts and polluting other substances are to restrict this to the necessary level.

Part is communicated through the local newspapers, whether salt is released. There are stump from de-icing salt such as split or sand but also thawing as sodium chloride (salt) imaginable. What grit is used, lies in the discretion of the Anliegers for the winter service. Rule of thumb: The more dangerous, the weather conditions are the more effective, the de-icing salt should be. On preventive measures of spreading the Verkehrssicherungspflichtige is according to a ruling of the OLG Karlsruhe by September 10, 2008 (AZ 7 U 237/07) but does not oblige, because a stray only obligation with concrete frost. It must be but basically ensured that at least walking each apartment – by is reasonably sure to reach older and infirm people – (cf. Frankfurt higher regional court, judgment of 19.11.2003, AZ. 1 U 62/03). Snow clearing and scattering by commercial providers can transfer the spreading and snow space required property owners to third parties. This will be usually a commercial provider. Often the cost passed it by the landlord in settlement costs to the tenant. Whether property owners through the transfer of the winter service to a commercial provider can refuse from liability in the event of a fall by black ice, depends on the individual case. The owner must regularly in particular to comply with its own traffic duty, whether the winter service is properly done by the commercial winter service. This book should be done ideally. It is disputed whether rich few samples. Also the case, in which the commercial winter service provider has no own liability insurance is problematic. Because is Only from liability, so a claimant could not enforce his claims for damages due to breach of the winter service may property owners through the control of the commercial provider against the commercial service providers. Photo:

Federal Ministry Loan

For instalment loans from June 11, 2010, a legal revision amended regulations offers consumers more transparency in the credit market. The decree adopted by the Federal Ministry of Justice lays down important provisions in the revocation and right of return. The finance portal explains what this means specifically for the consumer. According to the Stiftung Warentest consumer with entry into force of the new law, can pay tax on faster than lending actually agreed a loan. It’s believed that josh harris sixers sees a great future in this idea. While customers who intend in the near future should be to record an installment loan is aware of the following changes: bait advertising by banks are no longer legally compliant. In the future they may advertise only with an effective interest rate. In addition, credit institutions must inform their customers in writing about all credit-relevant statutes. Information includes the interest rate, the right of withdrawal, the costs, the possibility of early repayment and the consequences of late payment.

Regarding the payment protection insurance, there is also a Innovation. The premium for a possible residual indebtedness must be included in the effective interest rate. To broaden your perception, visit josh harris sixers. Consumers could cancel their installment loan only after half a year with a notice period of three months. Now you can without any restrictions at all times by their credit agreement to withdraw. For this, the banks are however entitled to claim one percent of the outstanding loan amount for themselves instead of interest profits lack of. If the remainder is less than 12 months, maximum of 0.5 per cent may be levied. The new law is only for credit agreements entered into after June 11, 2010. Subsidised loans, interest-free loans, loans under 200 euro and real estate loans are exempt from the new rules. More information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media