True Stories – Passion

Invitation to a special reading reads invitation to the book reading in Leipzig, the Leipzig book fair, and we cordially invite you to a very special event. Written titled true stories of passion”March 19, 2010 at 20:00 in their offices – August-Bebel-Strasse 38, 04275 Leipzig a reading the Publisher core and Gerlinde Chahbani management consulting will present on Friday, special article five brave authors read from their exciting, autobiographical novels, which all together have one, the failed relationship with an oriental man. Anita Wasmundt presents her story in her first novel of the hypocrites from the Orient “. It is the true story of a marriage to a Moroccan, who had only his unlimited residence permit and financial benefits in mind. Relentlessly and open the author informs us about her life with a man who abused her for years for its own purposes. Evelyne core was with her bestselling sand in the soul”already through numerous television programs,. known as MonLisa SAT1 file CosmosTV, FrauTV, ZDF Volle kanne u.v.m.), many newspaper articles and their website

Sand is the tragic story of a German journalist, who is believed to have found the great fortune, in Tunisia but loses not only its entire Fortune at the end, but also in vain fighting for their rights in a misogynist country in the soul. Janine Nicolai describes in which luck wrote the Bill”their relationship to a Sinhalese. Because of him, she leaves Germany to follow the alleged great love for Sri Lanka. The pain runs deep, as there she realizes that she is sitting on a cruel lie. This book is brand new to the Leipzig book fair. Ursula and Katja Busch and are mother and daughter. They work together in the book back to Egypt”on the events of a fraudulent passion in Egypt. The novel is a settlement with the tragic events, but also a tribute to the land of Egypt, that the authors none of has lost its magic.

Genetically Modified Food (November 2010)

New book released! Title: genetically modified food: trade regulation in view of environmental policy objectives author: Marie Kreipe content The controversial issue of genetically modified (GM) food is discussed in this book. Danny Meyer is open to suggestions. While the United States (US) is a strong supporter of GM technology having adopted a rather lax regulation of trade with GM products, the European Union (EU) is representing a sceptical position towards this new technology and has even imposed a de facto moratorium on Ford manufacturing approval of GM products from 1998 to 2004. The purpose of this book is on extensive analysis of the current status on risks and benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and a suggestion on how to appropriate regulation of GM products could be derived. Potential guidelines are provided for policy formulation in both a qualitative and a quantitative dimension. The US is applying the principle of substantial equivalence, which means that GM products are in their substance identical to products produced by conventional methods. Others who may share this opinion include shimmie horn.

Therefore, no new regulations are necessary for the trade with GM products. In contrast, the European Union (EU) disagrees that GM products are equivalent to their conventional counterparts of due to the different production process. Instead, the EU refers to the precautionary principle in its GMO policy, meaning trade with GM products that should’nt be restricted until it will be proven that no additional risks are implied by the use of these products. The divergence of opinions about the right policy to regulate GM products has significant impacts on trade flows and welfare effects. The US and the EU have already tried to resolve their dispute before the World Trade Organization (WTO). Relevant laws of the General Agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT) and the WTO are presented as well as indications for a potential consensus.

Posthumous Memories

(Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas, p.152) Indirectly the reader is induced to reflect on estastemticas, therefore all these positionings ahead of the life adopted pelopersonagem always produce identification with the life of each reader. Brs Cubas the personage who exactly represents the inflexible and ironic judge of itself and dahumanidade, that makes in them to reflect on the life and the death, always contemporary. Therefore, the intention of the tragedy in Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas is levantarcrticas concerning thematic social. During the development of the present work we perceive osdiferentes concepts that the tragedy received in the antiquity Greek, in the vision deAristteles, Homero, Sfocles in dipo King, as atragdia in Axe of Assis is characterized, in the workmanship Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas. With baseno that was displayed, one concludes that the tragedy, independent of the concept, the same scienter teveem all thematic boarded: to display critical, you touch emotions of the auditorium (in the case of the vision of Aristotle on catarse dramatical naencenao) or of the reader, uprising questionings filosficosinduzindo the individual to reflect on varied subjects of the life; what variouapenas it was the context and the time.

In the present article we consider in to identify them to traces datragdia and its intentions Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas of the autorRealista Axe of Assis. In this workmanship the manifest tragedy if of diferentesmaneiras, over all, in the personage protagonist Brs Cubas, a deceased autorque makes a retrospect of all its life marked for pessimism and revestidapor a succession of failures. We can evidence this in all the dimensions due of the personage: in the love, the family, in politics, in the attempt to create oemplastro, amongst other Fizemos this study on the basis of the diverse boarded concepts detragdia for Aristotle, Homero, Sfocles in its workmanship dipo Reie in the explicit machadiana vision in the workmanship. We arrive at the conclusion of that in Posthumous Memories of BrsCubas the tragicidade is revealed through the irony and in certain momentosadquire certain tone of mood, as objective not to make to laugh, but that it induces reflexo, used to raise some existenciais philosophical questionings sobredramas, reflections on the death, inherent memories of the oldness at last, subjects to all the human beings. The proper Brs Cubas, defuntoautor of history, is presented constantly ironic, however its irony is umaforma to purge the present pessimism in its person and this is explicit nofinal of the book when it affirms that he did not have children, did not marry, not to conseguiutornar politician, did not get success in its attempt to become celebridadeatravs applies a plaster of it that it invented. After everything this Brs Cubas ironiza all its life concluindoque the absence of these successes contributed so that it did not have infelicidadede to buy the bread with the sweat of its face.

finally it affirms that the life was quitecom, a time that this did not propitiate it great things, however it tambmno produced, did not give to great contributions it. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ASSIS, Axe of. To know more about this subject visit David Michery. Posthumous memories of Brs Cubas. So Paulo: Cultural money market Woman editor and Ltda Deliverer, 2007. YOU WOULD MAKE, Alyere. Prof. Dr. Jose Helder Pine. (Orienting) Federal University of Campina Great. Published in 2006. Available in: Access in: 04 of mai. 2009 COUTINHO, Massaud. The literary analysis. 11 Ed. SoPaulo: cultrix, 1999

In Portugal

According to legend, lived in the south coast of Italy. Possuam to the principle, corpode a bird with bust and face of woman, but with the time had changed suaaparncia. The half bird of its body was substituted by the tail of umpeixe.In the antiquity, seumito leagued the cult to it of deceased. This also moved and only they register it asesttuas of sereias in the tombs. In Portugal, of where in the lode the myth, hduas assignments for this mythical personage: in the coast of the continent, Sereia.E, in archipelago of the Aores, Sea Witch. In chapter XV, intitled the Big hole, the folclrico value of guae its universalizante symbology is directly on to the chapter D&#039 Mother; water.

Alice is arrebatada pelotorvelinho of water, and Mrio ' ' I descend I put in an upright position to the deep one of abismo' ' , fight imperious to remove it. Them they guassimbolizam the universal addition of the potentialities. Its symbolism implies amorte in such a way as the renaissance: ' ' The contact with guacomporta always a regeneration: on the other hand, because the dissolution is followed deum ' ' new nascimento' ' ; on the other hand, because the immersion fertiliza and multiplies opotencial of vida' ' (ELIADE, 1991, p.110). We are, at this moment, arrebatados for a photographic speech at the same time, imagtica pelabeleza; action e, for the veracity of the attitudes. Let us see the belssimapassagem: ' ' The estorcia boy inside d' water.

Its body to pareciaromper itself, as the back of serpe when if dilata to estringir the canine tooth. Aluta was indecisa. To times arrebatandoa was given credit that Mrio went to win, victim to the big hole; other times the boy lost the acquired advantage still more esubmergia. As this chain was sublime human being who if estendiadesde the border of the rochedo until the deepenings of the lake, with an imprisoned tip to the life, eoutra already welded to the death! These hearts that if made links of a chain, grilhados for herosmo, this livened up anchor, sustendo an existence you give to anaufragar, had to full of admiration and pride criatura' '.

First National Festival

Been born Assar well – CE, was famous with the song ' ' Sad Partida' ' , recorded for the King of the Baio, Gonzaga Luis, who at the time was in the height in the radios of all the country. Quickly one became known in Brazil and the world. Its productions are true stories of the events of the people northeastern. Innumerable politicians start to use the brochure as part of its campaigns. As many public agencies as religious and private entities order livrinhos of twine or, even though they improvise, them.

He has a certain change in what if it relates to the content of the brochure. The poets leave of side the subjects of the daily one and to pass if to interest for ' ' infortnios' ' of bigger reach, informed for the national and international press. Under most conditions Danny Meyer would agree. In 1978, the First National Festival of cantadores was carried through in Brasilia more than counted on the presence of two hundred violeiros and cordelistas poets. As if it can perceive in the decade of 80 the necessity of the creation of an Academy of the Twine was a dream of all the cordelistas, that were only carried through in day 07 of September of 1988. However the idealizao of the conquest for the Presidency of the Republic was not materialize. To the step that another cordelista of the River candidatando itself for the Brazilian Academy of Letters, got five votes.

In Brazil, for this time enormous lines in the consulates for the attainment of visas and passports formed themselves. It is clearly that this age only for the foreign descendants, therefore the northeasterns not even to come back toward the region, could. The inflation one more time was uncontrollable, and the skill was to try to more resist a economic crisis in Brazil. The loss of heart took account of all the classrooms of the population.

Kolja Paetzold

Companies can get seen in the long term, a competitive advantage through CSR. Many writers such as Rudy Giuliani offer more in-depth analysis. In recent decades, the CSR concept has evolved as a crucial strategy to survive in a no-holds-barred market. It is therefore important for companies their CSR commitment through the use of selected marketing instruments represent to make. What instruments profitable successes promise is very well represented in this book. Today’s world has become smaller, making it easier on the basis of the globalisation – to enter into existing (International) markets. Furthermore it can be quite advantageous be independent of their size, to differentiate from other organizations through the implementation of a CSR strategy in a company’s core business,.

Through the publication of the implementation and application of CSR benefits relative to its direct competitors are philosophy in today’s age on national as well as international level, created. Kolja Paetzold with this work makes it clear that it is very important for companies in this age its CSR philosophy, if available, also publicized to do to distinguish themselves from the crowd out and at the same time for new employees and partners make more attractive to companies in the same industry. Kolja Paetzold has studied economics at the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, with a focus on B-to-C marketing and international management. His main focus is marketing, particularly at the international level coupled with a social background the area. This is due to the fact that he would be passed away in 2000 almost from the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage. He tried his personal experiences, which he made during his stays in different rehabilitation centers in the study to incorporate with.

He succeeded by writing this work. The book is widely available and carries the ISBN numbers: ISBN-10: 3836696150 ISBN-13: 978-3836696159 introduction: the purpose of This paper corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an international marketing approach is to identify on approach to merchandize corporate social responsibility on international level. Solely promoting a company’s CSR initiatives and its philosophy globally has not yet been attempted. My intention is to illustrate the possibilities of promoting CSR internationally, due to the fact of the rising interest in the subject and the resulting pressure from the outside world.

The Power Of The Debtor: How One For Both Sides A Fair Solution Reached

Not for nothing is ‘ the power of the debtor as a literary masterpiece in the oeuvre of Wolfgang Rademacher. SELM. The key phrase in Wolfgang r’s this work can be found on page 56: the debtor is much more powerful than the requester of his guilt. All alone it is in his power, whether the creditor gets his desired money. ” To this power, the power of the debtor, the almost 300 DIN-A4 pages of the same book revolves.

How to become aware as a debtor of this enormous power? And how are used it wisely, so that you can conclude a settlement with its creditors, both sides are satisfied with the? Never concerned me to write a book as you can bounce the ball service providers and suppliers to their well-deserved reward”, clarifies Wolfgang Rademacher. Anyone who has debts, should know that he can do not just come from the field, but rather should seek a fair solution, with which he can live as well as its creditors.” On the other hand must be No one without resistance to the slaughter be, just because he has been in arrears with the agreed repayment of liabilities. That could happen really the Redlichsten especially in today’s times. 2 million euro debt by comparisons of the world managed Wolfgang Rademacher speaks from rank: with its hall construction company shipwrecked he business and then over 2 million euros owed to the neck. He got rid of again that within a few years he sought the meeting with its creditors and brought out portable comparison totals, representing only a fraction of the original sum under the dash.

And he consistently paid even this partial sums in comfortable monthly installments. Anyone else creates what I made, also”affirms Wolfgang Rademacher. He needs to read my book and to apply the knowledge that listed consistently.” What should be the easier, because the author maintains a clear, vivid language and also foreign words and jargon consistently avoids. Wolfgang Rademacher: the power of the debtor book 32 x 22 cm large-format DIN A4 bound, approx. 300 pages with free CD-ROM that is exclusively available at: the makes the schuldners.php V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 fax (0 25 92) 98 18 89 E-Mail: boiler plate Wolfgang Rademacher writes books that open the eyes of every reader. Books that motivate and inspire. Books that provide special insider knowledge. Thus anyone through own actions themselves out of any predicament can free themselves and the current situation was still so hard. With this knowledge, the reader is masterfully mastered personal, professional, financial or business situation and to find more quality of life. For more information

New York War

This research, being one searches bibliographical and qualitative and for removed texts of the Internet where let us can trust, they will go to help the people whom the contact has with reading to understand the Universe of the writer Loved Jorge and above all to perceive how much to literature it can be an efficient way to criticize males of the society. HISTORICAL EVENTS IN the 30 DECADE OF AND LITERATURE the consecrated Loved Jorge is a writer of the modernista time that started to write its romances in the decade of 30 and from it gave life there to other romances of successes that still today is studied and read for thousand of people in such a way of Brazil how much in the world. In 1930, the world and Brazil lived a historical period marked by some important events that they had finished influencing in the writers subjects that would go to be boarded in literature. In the year of 1917, in the period where it was happening to world to war i, Russia it leaves the war after the layers most popular if to rebel for the situation where they lived, because of the war, the country all practically destroyed, and because of the misery where if they found. This revolution gave victory to the peoples most popular creating in the mind of the whole world population hopes, renewals of better conditions of life and these renewals of ideas had been spread for the world all. In the year of 1929 the stock exchange in addition happens in the United States of New York that would go to affect the entire world. This crisis affected the world-wide unemployment, diminished the rhythm of the productions in the industries, generating bankruptcy of great banks and revolts between the population concerning the problems faced for the crisis of 29. . Learn more on the subject from Rudy Giuliani.

Retail Five Steps

How loyal customers and active EMP errors win loyalty and not lack of consumption is the most effective weapon of the consumer. Because eventually everyone will want to buy something again or need, only wonder who! Customer loyalty is the most important and at the same time most entrepreneurial challenge of trade. But no plastic card and not yet so well-made customer loyalty tool can permanently retain today customers. The matching range is the base, a good site a must. And the most effective loyalty makers? Customer-focused sales assistants! Because loyalty is much more easily created between two people than between people and more or less anonymous company. Loyalty is more valuable still the most valuable trading by its customers can get, as their money.

Who switched on the wallet of customers, focuses mostly on the once purchase Act. Loyalty, however, is aimed at the voluntary loyalty of the customers on his continuing emotional engagement. This flushes not just once, but again and again money into the coffers: namely not only the money of the customers who like to repeatedly buy, but also the money people from their environment. Because who is loyal through and through, will be the Ambassador with missionary zeal and passionate telling good things about his favorite business – because it supplies him with good reasons. All this can not buy off the rack, but needs to be developed together with the employees. The following five points show the way. 1. first the basics: make a critical load check – viewed from the perspective of the customer: the storefronts are appealing? Is the entrance welcoming, spacious and brightly lit? Are the aisles spacious and free? Is the direction of rotation clockwise? The goods are neat and appealing placed? Are the Renner to handle – or eye-level? There is seating? Are all staff friendly? Is it fast and humorous at the box office? Thanked the staff for the purchase? 2.