Spanish State

Meanwhile, the fertile land in the countries of the South, is dedicated to the production of food cheap cattle rather than be used to produce vegetable food for its own population. The consequence is the expulsion of the campesinos and indigenous inhabitants of these lands, forced to emigrate and overcrowded in the megacities of the South or North, exploiting them as cheap labor, denying them their rights and ejects them when they are not needed. (Not to be confused with Restaurateur!). World meat production has increased fivefold in fifty years. One hectare of cereal protein yield is 5 times greater if it is intended directly for human consumption than if it is used to fatten livestock that provides us the meat. Growth in meat consumption also increases the problems of waste management.

Interesting when it is remembered that we also abuse of sugar. Us gets used from pequen@s to candies as a reward, medium to entertain hunger or substitute for the food in the form of candy, processed food or refreshments. Eating refined sugar us decalcifying, in addition to ingest the chemicals required for his bleached. In countries where it grows sugar cane, occurs an exploitation of people and soil cultivation. Companies are investigating to find more sweet and cheaper than sugar sweeteners. At the same time, we abandon the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugars with nutrients and minerals necessary. This diet, low in fiber, vegetables, and grains, causes, diabetes, cholesterol, coronary heart disease, cancer and hypertension, older and increasingly, young people and children. Many of the activities of youth are sedentary, when physical exercise is essential for their development.

Sedentariness favors obesity, because our body does not burn everything he has eaten and transforms it into fat. Says the group, which in the last 15 years children’s food in the Spanish State has experienced an increase of sweets and soft drinks, dairy and meat, and a symmetric reduction of eggs, vegetables and fruits. This change of habits corresponds with the increase in obesity in nin@s and adolescents and is due to the publicity of the food industry, with the connivance of the authorities. Despite the alarm by illnesses caused by food change, little is being done from the institutions. Advertising for junk food, soft drinks, ice cream and sweets, food multinationals launch nin@s and population in general unfolds freely without legal or social obstacles. This explains the proliferation of fast food establishments and vending of drinks and sweets, even in schools. Another serious problem that should be considered is the use of pesticides and in this respect, he says, which is l to care for these post are quoted, to pesticides affects not only to those who apply them in the field and for the disinfection of buildings, also to the rest of trabajador@s expuest@s, their families, vecin@s and population in generalincluding l@s hij@s engendrad@s after contact with or ingestion of pesticide. Also known to be especially sensitive babies, nin@s, teens, ancian@s, enferm@s, pregnant women or exposed a time before pregnancy and male parental lines, not only because of sterility or reduction of sperm, but also by the transfer to his descent from damage linked to exposure to pesticides.