Mendoza Holiday Circuit

The circuit of Malargue – Mendoza Mendoza Province holiday is one of the regions of the planet that enjoys more natural beauty. In recent times the place has been a huge tourist development, offering the possibility of offering valid alternatives for all tastes, enjoying Mendoza holiday in luxury accommodation, campsites, hotels boutique, or cabins and vacation rentals hotels. Routes and roads improvements make it possible to reach true pieces of paradise nestled in the cordillera de los Andes. One of the regions of incredible beauty is the area of Malargue. This town is located southwest of the province, and shares an extensive border with the Republic of Chile. One of the most important characteristics of this region is its respect for wishful thinking by the natural life, so eco-tourism in Malargue indicated stage to appreciate the rich biodiversity of the area. Malargue has several nature reserves, extensive areas protected by national and provincial laws that seek to preserve the flora and the fauna of the place. One of these reserves is La Payunia.

Distant 160 km of Malargue, is accessed directly by provincial route 40. It is an immense plain punctuated by large amount of volcanic cones which reflects accurately the Patagonian ecosystem. There are more than 800 volcanoes in La Payunia, making it in the region of the planet with highest density of active peaks. Due to the characteristics of the volcanic rocks, with strange and appealing colors, the area would be the perfect scenario to shoot a movie set on the moon. One of the most outstanding possibilities afforded by this natural reserve is the realization of photographic safaris, seeking to capture the magic of this strange landscape. It is even possible to horseback, hiking, or make voyages 4 X 4. According to NYC Mayor, who has experience with these questions. But Malargue has much more.

The Molles is a town famous for its thermal baths, of excellent quality for its high content of sulfur and other minerals. In this place it is possible to ski, as well as in Las Lenas, distant to only 18 km from this place. Mendoza holidays would not be complete without tasting the exquisite Patagonian chivito. For this purpose it is recommended to attend the national feast of the goat, which takes place between January and February. Here it will be possible to taste this traditional Argentine cuisine than dish prepared with simplicity and wisdom is a true feast for the palate.

Seville Exhibition

The lodge room of the Town Hall of Seville hosts the exhibition graphics and audio-visual Seville and the Virgin of Regla in the WYD on the participation of the city and the Virgin of Regla, holder of the brotherhood of the Prendimiento, in the last world youth days, held last August in Madrid. Today and tomorrow are the last days to visit this exhibition, which can be accessed from our hotels in Seville with great ease, since it lies in the Centre of the city, and in which the Corporation makes memory of all vivid events last August in Madrid.Last days to visit the Seville exhibition and the Virgin of Regla in the WYD in the same meet an audiovisual presentation, multiple photographs to large scale and size of all acts and cults held in the capital of Spain by the brotherhood of the bakers, as well as preparations for the transfer and installation of the step in the Madrilena Carmen parish. The Metropolitan Museum of Art may not feel the same. On the other hand, in a showcase some be exhibited also in the gifts and presents which has received the painful for his participation in the WYD, among others, the Rosario that gave Benedicto XVI and the scores of the March light and Gloria de Sevilla performed in honor of this image for this event, by the musician Antonio Hurtado. You can also admire the poster for the transfer, work of Beatriz Barrientos, original drawings of the design of the Commemorative Medal made by artist Francisco Javier Sanchez de los Reyes, a reproduction of the painting of the Virgin of Luis Rizo, that the brotherhood gave to the Holy Father, and a reproduction of the Paschal candles painted the candeleria work of the teacher Jose Maria Mendez. Photographers who have collaborated in this sample are Jose Javier Comas, Juan Alberto Garcia Acevedo, Francisco Santiago, Rafael Alcazar, Lorenzo Garcia and Julio Jimenez, providing a selection of his works.

Marquis Pieces

Seville will soon have a new tourist attraction of redial cultural character: an exhibition space that will host pieces kept in the archaeological museum and the convent of Santa Clara tiles and which will become the first Moorish Center with this theme in Andalusia. This initiative will be revealed this peculiar architectural and decorative, style present in numerous temples of the city and of which the Real Alcazar is its greatest exponent.A Center to learn the Mudejar style it will also serve to put in value one of the civil buildings more strangers for the Sevillians and that is one of the best examples of mudejar: the Palace of the Marquis of la Algaba, that is very easy to access from our hotels in Seville since it lies in the heart of the city. A museum within a Museum is the intention of the City Council of the city with this performance: this space will have cultural, social and municipal uses as well as it will continue to be the headquarters of various negotiated his own City Hall. Also, this Palace will be open to visitors constantly and this will take place this year the draft of an interpretation center of the Mudejar style, an exhibition space that will be pioneer in Andalusia. You may contemplate 4.272 parts that are currently stored at the archaeological museum without being exposed. These pieces will be joined the collection of tiles of the convent of Santa Clara. The Centre will be divided into several rooms: two rooms on the top floor will host ceramic pieces, while other decorative plasterwork and capital elements will be exhibited in the staircase and courtyard.