Don Skinny The Sixth

The Following are encounters with “Don Flaco” “When I returned to the priest, my spiritual adviser to the two letters, the wretched of his secretary said,” No, you can receive, has just arrived and is busy “-” is urgent, it told me to come any time now “I said. “NO” he said. I went into the hall, the hall I went to the yard, and went to the screen, and touched the screen, “Bon, Bon-Bon” – “Who is?! – “Bishop’s me” – “and why not walk through the door?” – “For his secretary not let me” he left, I opened the screen and made me pass. “What have you got?” – “The two letters,” and said “Here’s mine” looks at me and says, “I’m going to sin, because of you, and still double fault, because I will teach you to lie and sin, “followed by saying,” Do you know what the word spiritual son? It means that you are godson. I’m sinning and you too, because it is a lie, but you have to save the situation “I went to Banco de Credito, it was time to go out to lunch, I get to the fifth floor, and one of the secretaries told me:” Do you again? “-” Yes “-” And bring the cards? “-” Yes “, then told his boss that I had arrived with the three letters a little scared and this he says:” What!? “I did pass, up the charts and see the seal of the Archbishop, -” Very good cards, and very good advice “- and opened the letter in which I treated as a godson and I said,” As I said, godson was this man!? “is that this man was a cousin of the chairman and shareholder of Banco de Credito.

After working at the bank a year, I appointed. I must have spent three months without appointment, because it came with a very high salary because of the letters. At that time the pay was three hundred suns, and I went with five hundred fifty, a hundred suns, bonus. For the six months since I got the cash register, and the bonus became part of the salary, then I went on to win pay 650 soles. Cash register, I switched to Exchange, and was one of the first in Peru who ran a machine that IBM got into the pockets of each Bank. You received a delivery of 50 checks, and four five banks, pocket change, and finally, the total of all those pockets you had to give, the overall total of the delivery, but separated by banks. And when it docked a check, or did not fit, open the side and look in the boxes. That was in exchange, took me there and took me to accounting, and I was driving. Ten years working in the Bank Credit. “