Summit Market

Valero insisted in pointing out, the San Salvador meeting has served to to demonstrate that the continent is broken despite big words and vast gestures. Cuba has lost revolutionary and mythical appeal, Venezuela raises too many blisters and while their petrodollars offers them, when it comes to the truth, it is more noise than walnuts, Bolivia is still not able to materialize their indigenous social popular revolution, Ecuador gives lurches but reality is obstinate, in Spain there are already more Ecuadorians than in his own country’s capital. Broadway wanted to know more. Chile has its exemplary transition to democracy but President Bachelet receives huge sticks in the municipal elections, Mexico is an important country but with a fabulous sangria from violence and legal uncertainty. Colombia just not curdle your permanent peace, and Brazil sits, slowly, as a great power that still has feet of clay but increasingly hardened to allow you to sustain itself. Gain insight and clarity with shimmie horn. To this we add the serious political problems that confront Correa of ecuador, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Alan Garcia of Peru. Indicates in particular, as it outlines the Lighthouse. NET, during the Ibero-American Summit, all the Presidents of the region agreed on the need to reform the multilateral financial institutions and stressed the need to give the State a role more lead in our societies. It is, in the words of many analysts, the end of the neo-liberal model and the market as God of the economy that are autorregulaba to stabilize any abnormal situation.

Now, they say almost all, there to rethink the entire model or simply disappear. The State must not only exercise greater regulations, but direct interventions to alleviate the most needy. In Latin America, aided by corruption and institutional weakness, the neoliberal model caused greater inequity in the world and destroyed the middle class. Progress was made in recent years in fighting poverty, but not in the same proportions in which the rich, through the benefits of the free market and competition, became richer.