Therapy And Pregnancy

And inside there is a struggle for how they think, equivalent values are: child and it's time to give birth, as the age went up, but from a professional life away scared. And subconsciously woman does not want pregnancy. Although superficially there is her desire and effort. Against the background inability to become pregnant develop depression, which further reduces the chances of pregnancy. Continue to learn more with: NYC Mayor. In our society increasingly pregnancy in 18-20 years is regarded as extremely undesirable. All parents try to protect their daughters from this, suggesting to them that you first need to get education, work up, the world to learn, and then the children and can give birth. And the girls come into intimate relationships in the 14-15 years and all this time pursuing their fear of becoming pregnant.

Ie creates negative attitudes to the pregnancy. But here's a girl gets married, years go, but children are not. And surrounding the start "gently" be interested in, well, when, at last? Woman gets nervous on what does not obtained. Her nervousness further fueled psychological infertility and a vicious circle. By the way, a woman may well zaimet accompanying acquittal diagnosis of infertility, which is another woman may not constitute an obstacle to pregnancy. Sometimes even that a woman subconsciously chooses a partner from whom can not get pregnant. In the fertile time partners begin to quarrel, to avoid sex, go on business trips, sick, in general, do everything to eliminate the possibility of conception. Couples like playing a game called "sterility".

Outwardly, they are doing everything possible to "welcome" the pregnancy, but in fact the ultimate and unconscious goal is to prove to myself that it's impossible to get the right to live, suffering from infertility, getting from this, and secondary benefits. Externally, consciously, the woman really wants a baby, doctors visits, suffer from their inferiority to her pregnancy and childbirth is the meaning of life, as do their internal setup. Once again I want to emphasize that all These processes occur on an unconscious level, a woman really suffers from the "sterility". Here, the psychologist may provide effective assistance. It can help you establish the real causes of psychosomatic infertility and find ways to resolve them. Working through life experiences and the experiences we can make that disappear inside a ban on pregnancy. Known many instances where without the help of the therapist's wife, desperate to have a native child, adopt a baby, raise him, but after some time, give birth to her own child. Realizing soon even accept the fact that a child – is not only deprivation but also happiness, the woman's body is ready to conceive. In men, psychological infertility also encountered. For the same reasons, the male may produce antibodies to their own sperm, reducing their mobility, degrade the quality of sperm.