Homeowner Debts

As a result, the project company managed to reduce arrears of rent tenants. HBC "Rural Builder" is engaged in housing management and the choice of providers of utility services. For companies important to promptly serve customers in addition to accurately settlements with them. Previously, the company calculated utilities, incentives and penalties was carried out manually, which was time consuming, and sometimes there are errors. Required a system which will enable to keep books and specialized accounting. Program "ICE: Housing 8" was chosen among the other competitive solutions, as it best meets the needs of business and is available implementation cost. To implement the project was invited to the company "1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE), as it has successful experience of software implementation at the enterprises of housing and communal services.

Were automate the following areas: Calculation of charges rent and utility services at fixed rates and indications of meters; Calculation of benefits taking into account the standards of service consumption; Calculation and accrual of penalty; Calculation of subsidies. Specialists of "1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE) quickly and easily install the program. In the process of implementation has been set up software product produced by the initial user training, provided consultancy services on various aspects of the program. Results of Project: accounts receivable has declined tenants; Significantly reduced costs maintenance payments to tenants and service providers; Ability to keep records of charges and fees on personal accounts; Service users in real time using the card account; Ability to monitor cash flows. Kiselev NA, President of HBC "Rural Builder, says:" The specialists of "1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE) quickly and professionally their job. We thank them for their attention to the progress in relation to our organization. We express our appreciation to those skilled in the company for its assistance in automation. "