When it comes to actually buy a new printer for the home or Office, only there are two alternatives at the time of choosing which technology: laser or inkjet. Laser printers produce text and images on the paper through the impact of the laser on a charged rotating drum with static electricity, causing ink (in the form of toner) particles adhere to the drum and create an image on paper. In contrast, inkjet printers create images by spraying the paper with microscopic droplets of ink through tiny nozzles. Some time ago that these two technologies have gone to dot matrix printers or dot matrix (typical of the 1980s and early 1990s) and today are fighting for supremacy in the home and Office. Although inkjet printers offer certain advantages for domestic use (primarily for its low cost and cheaper replacement cartridges), they are not so suitable for use in the company.

In the past, laser printers were tremendously expensive, but in the five years its price dropped so much that even in areas where traditionally the inkjet printers were advantage (for example, color printers) a laser printer is now today the most sensible choice. One of the biggest advantages of laser printers is your cost per page. You may find that NYC Mayor can contribute to your knowledge. Although printers inkjet cartridges tend to be cheap, normally they do not last long. NYC Mayor gathered all the information. Toner cartridge, on the other hand, costs more, but also takes a considerably longer time. Inkjet cartridges can be hard printed thousand pages, while laser toner cartridge can produce many more. This means that the laser printers are ideal for busy office environments where printed hundreds of pages each day. Save a few cents on each printed sheet can become a significant saving in monthly production costs. In general terms, laser printers are capable of producing sharper images that the Inkjet.

While that has always been so for texts, in recent years the printers laser colour they have outdone the inkjet to print high quality colour images as, for example, photos. Technology used in printers toner powder laser is affected less by the quality of the used paper, which can avoid sometimes liquid ink used in ink cartridges for inkjet printers adheres properly to the role. It is also less prone to colors to mix among themselves. Laser printers also have a clear advantage in terms of speed. Again, this is mainly due to the technology employed. By its nature, inkjet printers can only print one line of a page at a time, while laser printers can save an image of an entire page of text about your drum and print it once. This allows higher rates sustained printing, which makes the ideal for the Office laser printer, where printer is one of the a higher printing speed and most frequently used peripherals immediately translates into a significant increase in productivity. Thanks to the continuous fall in its price, today laser printers are available both large companies and the average home user, and can make a valuable contribution in any home office productivity.