Manaus Time

At any given time, the sister Josina Galvo started to augur e, full of being able, she directed herself for where was the demoniac one. Pointing the finger in the direction of the possessed person, it she commanded on behalf of Jesus who the demon if removed. For the general admiration, the man was squatting, immobilized, completely dominated for the power of God! All turn something that, as a ray, left for the window and disappeared. The skeptics, who to everything attended, had recognized that, in fact, God was in the way of that people. Some time later, an identical case happened in the Guarani Village. Demoniac, or the best one, the demon who threatened to everything and all, was banishes, on behalf of Jesus, before the looks of that they were there. God confirmed, in this way, its promises in what he says respect to the signals that follow to that they creem.

In day 25 of October of 1914, that is, in the year where the World War I had beginning, the Belm arrived the third missionary of pentecostal faith: Otto Nelson and Adina, its wife. Read more from no-knead bread to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They they represented, without a doubt, a great effort for the work, therefore at this time the number of workers was insignificant. The brother was only three months in Belm, travelling after that for the city of Bragana, in the paraense interior, where he gave until August of 1915. In 1916, the effect of the war, directions wide and painful in the Europe, started if to reflect in sensible way in Brazil. The workmanship of God, however, would not suffer to any interruption or jib, therefore God was acting and taking care of of its people. In 18 of August of this exactly year, arrived the Belm, coming from Sweden, saw North America, plus a couple of missionaries: Samuel and Lina Nystrn. The arrival of the Nystrn couple was for the church as rain in summer time. They arrived in the opportune time, therefore the development of the work demanded the efforts of many dedicated workers.

But Samuel Nystrn did not pass much time in Belm; in the following year, already he was in Manaus. It would mark, thus, the pioneirismo in the State of Amazon. In November of 1917, the first periodical of the Assembly of God in Brazil was published: The Voice of the Truth. Directed for the Almeida shepherd Nephew and Wheat Joo, this was the first substance of the periodic one: ' ' Jesus is who baptizes with the Espirito Santo and fogo' '. The Voice of the Truth published the notice of the work in the interior, addresses and social schedules of cults, notes and other substances. It was as soon as the workmanship of God if it developed in Belm before arriving at the pernambucano territory. Working you was intense, reaching to many people with the pentecostal fire and the message of the full Evangelho. As it occurred in as much other places of Brazil, Pernambuco also received the first flames from the Pentecostal Movement thanks to the evangelizador spirit and the pioneirismo that characterized the work of the church in Belm of Par.


With the illness of the moment! But in the life the happiness is more close to what we imagine, observing this reality goes to analyze the planetary life. In the incessant search for the happiness, conscientious or unconscious, we hook a frantic march against the time, worried about tomorrow, with the lack of time or money, in this direction the emptier people are each time, but because this occurs? What it is happening with me and the Humanity? The lack of control of the ansiedades, of the emotional compulsions, provokes uncontrols on physical pains, disaffected, lovelessness, that provokes the badness and it places in them in a paper of not being accepted, pardoned and loved, because simply we neglect the balance of the sensations, of the acts and thoughts. In the fondness search to be accepted, seen and admired, we practise actions favorable to our ego, harming our personal and professional growth. Click Danny Meyer for additional related pages. Other people fincam its roots in the vitimismo or egoism. How many we know that they delight themselves as victims of the situation or that a wealth without value and noble ideal act purely for egoistic gestures in favor of? The emptiness of the world is concentrated in the depression, confusion, unreliability, in the sped up rhythm of the life, in the fears and the lack of LOVE. Instead of searching the causes of the misfortune, he searchs a reason to be happy, therefore you are responsible for its life. It stops of being victim of its problems and alive the present moment without autopiedade, is not ignorant how much to the route of its days.

Standing Before God

While apologizing, it’s really that the relationship has been hurt; it has its share of responsibility, whereas when it comes to injury, in general, it is to feel guilty. Both are mixed: a knife that can cut what is the part of the injury, which is the part of the responsibility? This is where it can afford to renew the relationship, because each holds two: no one is quite the victim and the other quite the one that oppresses. GM Often when we get to talk with someone so deep, people express sincere regret for areas where they say they are completely stuck, and they say: I know this is not good, but I can not, and then it makes it hard for twenty years … So what? A. Again, it is the way of healing, it is the way to God. We can not do it at once. There are some obstacles that are nearly related to our physical, our metabolism, etc.. So there is actually no can perhaps not be crossed.

But the important thing is how it stands in relation to God through it. If you discover your weakness, the need for God’s help, the fact that it is as weak as his brother and that the coup may be the opportunity to better understand it, one leads to the charity. And the injury, if it leads to charity, it becomes the way of salvation. The important thing is not that she is completely healed, or it stagnates.