The Breath

And with authority, he exhibited my repertoire. After that traumatic moment. I was at an impasse. Meet my friends, which at the end of our presentation went to the classroom to put their uniforms. My I was no longer a self so great. A small and lowercase I was. When you enter the Hall all my colleagues began to shout me a multitude of things which seemed to bursts of machine gun against a somewhat hasty by this terrible incident and their evident consequences consciousness. We feel very disappointed it they said one, others shouted: danaste presentation, that served us so many months of preparation so that you hurt us the presentation.

Suddenly a consciousness somewhat more mature and more experienced in this kind of morning events of daily life, I defended. It was my teacher. The days passed and the gift of children alumbro my peace. Since forgot about my SIN and I forgave. Tal-see why Jesus said that we should be as children to see the Kingdom of God. For strange reasons I was leaving school publishes and leave my eternal friends.

My mother wanted me I educated in a private school. And of course if was. Five years later I told my mother that does not invest more money in me. He had already learned enough and that would allow me to return to school public because to a my friends were there, none had changed school except for Elkin’s one of our best partners to which death take the breath of life. During those five years leverage to overcome the fear of expressing what many times the soul feels. And she just kept flowing than thought, right and wrong. What to without any kind of fear, here was no longer question logic, falsehood or truth. Quite the contrary, was a matter of humanity and humility.