Metallux MetPot

The conductive plastic technology has proven itself for decades as a reliable and very accurate sensors. The film sensor manufactured also in Metallux MetPot has proven itself when used in the joystick. Applications are also implemented with other technologies including Hall.Meanwhile, Metallux AG joystick examples can refer to a broad customer base in the various industries. A particular strength lies in the development of solutions in close mutual collaboration with the end customer. Typical applications are for example safety radio remote control systems for industrial applications. Cranes, lifting platforms, crushing machines, heavy transport vehicles, or similar be reliably controlled with joysticks, Metallux.

Various applications are also found in medical technology. The stick by one of the leading drive manufacturers are for boats and yachts in this exclusive segment used to maneuvering the yachts as a parking aid. The Metallux joystick convinced due to the excellent touch and tactile feedback. 2006, this kind of delicate maneuvering with a Metallux joystick was hailed as a world first. The boat can be rotated around its own axis with the 3 axis (Z-axis) parallel in all directions, and even with the help of the joystick. Special requirements are necessary for the application in the boat.

Extreme vibrations and vertical shock it is to survive. Each installation situation is different and can hardly be calculated. The right product was developed through intensive and systematic cooperation with the customer. Yacht customers are extremely sensitive and looking for perfect and comfortable operating units. The MetPot-film sensor technology is used in this stick. The hermetically sealed sensors operate in this joystick in sea-water atmosphere without any additional protection. He is protected only against direct splash water. That complicated the procedure full containment of the control panel is not necessary. Metallux produces also small series with small numbers. These customers are here as well as wholesale, because Metallux is flexible enough to be able to serve these customers accordingly. In General joysticks used often to control more expensive equipment and machines for the carriage. Therefore, the quality idea for Metallux is a top priority. As one of the first German companies certified according to ISO TS16949 applies Metallux until today the latest guidelines.