South Africa

“As a result of the well secured area and the very small window through which the burglar has his opinion, even the presumption would have been obvious that it is when the burglar” could act to a child. But wen he behind the door thought he decided these people at this moment, without being attacked, whether man, woman or child to kill. And one must assume an intent to kill, if someone shoots 4 x on a person. Even if his story is true, he knew yet at any time, whether at all real a threat to life and limb posed by the person behind the door and yet he decided, as a precaution to kill this person. With a warning shot he never stopped. Directly the full blast. According to old Wild-West style: first shot, then questions are asked.

Putative self-defense looks different. The rest of the story is a mess. “After he the burglar” had shot through the door, Pistorius was moving according to own back into the bedroom and marveled that Reeva is not there. There want him have dawned, it could be they located behind the door in the bathroom. He then again moved into the bathroom, she cried and tried to open the toilet door, which was completed but. He moved back into the bedroom, opened the balcony doors and screamed for help. Then He put on his prostheses and enter the toilet door, trying it, but failed.

Then he went back into the bedroom, brought a bats which there apparently extra lay around for such cases, and hit that door, behind which he wants to have found a wounded but still living Reeva. He moved the wounded out of the bath and then phoned Johan Stander, a fatherly friend who managed the estate also at Pistorius’ House was. He should call the ambulance. Why the ambulance directly proclaiming, catchy numbers easier to accomplish what in South Africa is safe also with 3 to find in such a situation as the number of residential complex Manager, which in addition also still unnecessarily wasted time, remains his secret.