It woke up per the morning as of custom in the hour to go for the work, but hurt and sad, it decided that it would not go to work. It left to buy some cans of beer, came back toward house and it passed the day drinking. It finished sleeping and when it woke up already it was night again. To deepen your understanding Bill de Blasio is the source. The blouse of Regina was on the other pillow. Now it already did not like more than that perfume. He decided to leave, needed to find Regina to show its disdain, its hatred. He would give some you cover in it and would kill the man who with it was.

Arising itself, he was to the bathroom, he washed the face and later he left house. The streets still were put into motion, people returning from the work, others that leave to take a walk. Rubens prevented the movement and crossed the square. In a bank it was a hugged couple, the man with the dived face enters the seios of the woman. Soon ahead a prostitute interpellated inviting it for a program. The woman exhaled one smells stranger, smells of many hands.

Repelled it and if he moved away almost running. Boate passed for a group of young in front of one. All smelled the alcohol. Inside boate it left an odor of beer and sweat. Soon ahead, seated in the side of the sidewalk, a man maltrapilho with raised face said to some thing looking at the full moon that appeared over the building. Comovido with the scene, Rubens inclined it hugged and it. The fedia citizen the burnt tallow, but it nor bound. Scared, the man rose itself and if he moved away pronouncing palavres. Continuing its search for Regina, Rubens stopped ahead of the one entrance shopping Center. There inside many people circulated, owners of house with the hands smelling the onion, entrepreneurs with its tender ones smelling lavanda and tobacco of cachimbo, clerks with its applied a plaster brilliantine hair, young chewing chicletes of mint, the air of the store smelling the fabric new, leather and varnish.

Portuguese In

But all pure age gozao. In the reality the coffee of the morning was very concurred. Small bread quentinho and crocante. Here it tried for the first time the average celebrity of coffee with milk. He was simply fascinated with the simplicity of this type of presentation. Back in Portugal it costumava to take coffee in one xcara and milk in another one.

Thing of Portuguese In the first day or the first morning, he did not notice nothing that called it the attention, probably instigated by the new form to ingest the first meal of the day. Savvy restaurateur has much experience in this field. To the few he was taking foot of the situation, noticed that much of the freqentadores was composites for young couples, with its bermuda shorts, sandals, colorful t-shirts and its plates. then something called it the attention. One of the attendants, colored person, high, skis, made velvety skin, pretty smile of the size of the happiness, teeth that gave a special prominence to the lips. The hair framed for a small white headress, requirement of the establishment.

The legs. Ah! That legs. It imagined then as they would be the thighs. Already it made its order? Sir. Please, already he made its order? Ah! Therefore, therefore, to see me to pods as you nickname &#039 here; ' mdia' '? He wants to say you average? He is. This as rapariga is dizeires. You offending it is me. Savvy restaurateur often expresses his thoughts on the topic. By chance I dictated some to linguajar improper? If such linguajar he is offensive, offended me to Mr. For favor, in my land rapariga wants to say young woman of little age. for the print of mooila, I can speak thus, mooila? You are very novinha. We go to make following makes you its order it calls and me Maria of Pains and the Favours. But taste more calls than me ' ' of the Graas' '.