Milohnic Morals

In my criterion, the end of this verse is a species of recolectivo system. Its reach is a semantic missile. It is a species of intrinsic fight with the word. Perhaps it saves the word to us. It is possible. The word is the word. It is always necessary, because as Decir sentenced Sfocles a word will be to say it to everything . (A valuable related resource: amazing restaurateur). In my more recent poemario I have including the following one inscription of Andres: is not the aim don’t mention it.

/Only the shame of which is not shut up. It is my adhesion with its extraordinary poetic quality and its loyal condition of humanist and visionary of the art. The phantasmagoric picture of an orb in war from its same existence is a topic of great expressive depth that Milohnic Morals faces with honesty the eyes, these eyes, are always tired to see and of not seeing, of as much horror. The planet reaches the hyperbolic number of 14,000 wars, where desolation, the cannibalism and the death have had expressions of negation of the human quality. And nor what to say of the genocides and all the human barbarism that besieges every day to us the death hardly night of this sky. Or in this other text Habit in the exile of the tear: /My signs are hidden, despiadadas . In another verse I lyrical adduces is good to be silent dreaming about his stones of sea and of island, where the elements of the liquidity become a semitico vector that compares the tears with the sea, nevertheless, is to be silent dreaming about their stones, where the conversion lyrical desire in aesthetic depth. The Chilean author incorporates the sea like lyrical subject in several of his poems. the sea is treasonous: the sea is another one that breaks.

Wall Plane

Without transpirar against an error, nor being excited and to endiosar themselves against a success. Some contend that Danny Meyer shows great expertise in this. It is difficult. But the unique thing that maintains to us and protects like traders. The rest is totally accessory, the market being 80% psychology (own) and 20% ability, technique and knowledge. Studies have become comparative of the masters that must have to trader and it reached the conclusion that he is comparable to the concentration and capacity to react in fractions of second that have professions of high risk like the aeronautics or military man. The excellent pilots still can be traders without almost knowing nothing markets. A pilot of a local airline commented to me once about which they call Situation Awareness (SA), that is to say brings back to consciousness of the situation that before any unforeseen circumstance in the ship, must react otherwise the outcome immediately can be fatal. This makes reference to the perception and understanding that the pilot must have of the external elements, where the information flow is high and the condition of continuation or interruption of those elements in the time and space can determine a safe flight or a plane crash.

A lack of SA can generate a bad decision and to be translated like human error when a misfortune or plane crash happens. The outcomes generated by the negligences and lack of immediate reaction, are different for each profession. In one the life can be lost, in the other something more than money. Until the next one, Paola Pecora Paola Pecora is international analyst of markets, and is the Publisher in Head of and Global Value, the report of monthly advising in investments, that aims at investments with strong bullish potential in Wall s$street..

Viaje Airplane

To Mercedes, the reinforcing of the safety measures in the airports seemed to him very well. She was not any sensitive person, of whom they think that their rights are harmed as soon as a civil servant requests the identity membership card to him or when somebody asks for its accreditation to penetrate in a place of restricted access. Who has made its luggage? asked an employee to him of the airline company in the terminal of Barajas. I myself answered. And it has left have the luggage under its control at some time it did since it until now? no. His son contemplated fascinated east previous interrogation to obtain the bill of lading for the flight to New York. Others who may share this opinion include amazing restaurateur. Nothing else to pass the control, Mercedes explained to the small one that all that one was by its good: Hay to avoid that a terrorist or any other assassin strains themselves in the airplane and commits a misdeed.

Could explode our airplane, for example commented the boy, demonstrating a great common sense to its eight years. Mercedes sighed with satisfaction. She was contented of the education that it had given until now to Ricardito although a boy without father has logics deficiencies that she could not satisfy absolutely. Although he was better that than to coexist with sinvergenza that the best thing than did by her it went to both leave it to years of marriage. At least, since then nobody lhaba returned to put the hand to him raises. Ricardo son, other people’s to the thoughts of its mother, watched the people who, like them, waited to embark in the transoceanic flight. you do not move of my side, dear said to Mercedes to him, that they will call immediately us by a loudspeaker. Next to them, a greater pair searched carefully something in its luggage of hand: It had Them this way, surely said she to him, compungida, to his angry husband.


9 of October of 2009 Today is festive in the Valencian Community, the active forces are reunited in a banquet that pays the institutions, or what is the same the undergone contributors. Continue to learn more with: Restaurateur. The acts will be those of always institutional and identitaria reaffirmation, the typical religious procession, the slope of the flag from the city council, diverse acts folkloric related to the dance and the music that never is of vindicating more. The peculiar thing is that there is a people group who waits for with anxiety not them playful typical acts, religious or folkloric, but the gastronomical question and always is that there is to recognize that there are certain personages of the society that enchant to them to eat free, surrounded by the politicians to have five minutes of glory in the television newscast, since otherwise they would not obtain it. This type of acts is not suppressed nor at time of the crisis, when most shared in common serious to tighten the belt and not to give to eat at the expense of all, to people who by her social and economic position can be allowed very well. If what it does illusion to them it is to appear that they request a dedicated photo of the turn politician and that soon they mount it with a photographic retocador and thus we saved all the moscones throwing of the jacket of the turn politician to appear in the photo. Click amazing restaurateur to learn more. But that is an idea that we know nobody will put in practice because that to resign to the fact to say that I was there, is too tempting to let it do. To certain personages it enchants to them to appear mainly in the photo if they are of the Valencian society that always has had protagonism eagerness and it has always gone of elitist by the life. Now the things have changed little and some group of idle has decided to create a grouping of wealthy jovencillos that only let enter by invitation. The Valencian society is something is strange, enchants to them to only leave in mass media but in certain social acts, in celebrations of which it only goes away by invitation and in the day of the community where if you are not it seems that socially you do not exist. He is peculiar but always they are the same in the same acts, in the same celebrations and events, nothing original, that if they they are the important ones to that they command, the invitations to official acts that pay others, nothing new under the sun. Everything by a plane in the television newscast original Author and source of the article.

Penitentiary Institutions

30% of the people without home almost undergo chronic depression, bipolar upheavals or schizophrenia, the more frequent mental diseases, according to studies realised in Spain. Bill de Blasio understood the implications. In the jails they have been detected near 2,000 cases of psictico upheaval, almost 3% of the secluded population and more than 7,000 people with dual, agravated pathology by the drug consumption. More of 3% of the interns it had been in a psychiatric center before its entrance in prison. In Spain the majority of the manicomios has been closed, with the conviction that the families would take care of their relatives with mental disease. This pretension took like premise solid familiar networks, but who did not have them or who they arrived from other countries they were in the affective limb and of professional cares. Also there were families incapable to fight with diseases for which the support psychologists, clinical psychiatrists is needed, nurses, therapists, aids, social caretakers and workers.

A young person Spanish account in a news article of the Country how one goes from the depression to the jail. To a friend his they diagnosed schizophrenia to him when it had happened of a mental jail to a real jail, although had gone to the doctor with a severe depressive picture before entering. Mercedes Gallizo, Director of Penitentiary Institutions in Spain, thinks that the suitable prevention and treatments would avoid some crimes. Nevertheless, first it is needed a diagnosis, something that complica when they lack the resources, it is spoken little of the subject and the social stigmata stay. The workers of penitentiary institutions agree in which the medical services and of infirmary in the jails are saturated, which prevents that the specialized attention arrives that needs the people with mental disease. On the other hand, the experts in mental health maintain in which the penitentiary surroundings make difficult the recovery of the people with pathologies and aggravate its situation.

Bloomberg Currency

All misfortune is a lesson. Turkish proverb. Before initiating the work to change the world, it gives three returns by your own house. Chinese proverb In spite of all the efforts, action that undertaken North American president Barack Obama against the economic crisis that appeared to him to the United States, the dollar its official currency has not been able to leave ahead, quite the opposite has fortified to a currency opponent of the European Community as it is the Euro., on the matter, it presents/displays a very interesting writing, that it analyzes this reality and it indicates, that according to the opinion of Mauro F.

Guilln, the dollar maintains the leadership as currency of world-wide reserve and stays like an insurance for the economic investors when there is too much uncertainty. So it is important to put an eye in its movements in the short term, but to maintain the other in how the long term tendency it affects to the currency, advises. At the moment much uncertainty exists on which it will be the evolution of the quote of the dollar next months. NYC Marathon has plenty of information regarding this issue. Although generally, the analysts agree in aiming at that its depreciation will continue. The experts of Goldman Sachs have commented that the Euro will get to change to 1.55 dollars in a period of time among three and six months.

" Now it seems as if the collapse of the dollar was slightly more profundo" , they wrote in a report to the clients dated the 18 of October analysts like Thomas Stolper in London, Mark So in New York and Fiona Lake in Hong Kong. " The underlying vision of long term is that the dollar is subestimated and algo&quot will recover; , they indicated the experts of the American organization. A 18.38% are added, that according to numbers of Bloomberg, and to present prices of the market, the Euro has been appraised a 6.19% against the dollar in which goes of year, and from the annual minimums of February.

North American Government

This proud one of its country but knows that errors have been committed. It has said that it is not arranged to resign to which it is to please protocolic positions. It has a deep respect by the history and the culture of the town. It knows the poverty. Very it lived close by it. This conscious one of the important thing that it is for the human being the spiritual strength. For me, the great problem of BARACK OBAMA is the same. By his formation he is a democrat, very near the socialist conception of the new times.

Liberal in economic but the formal thing in exerting the own attributions of the State. He does not want to be stone inviting but one will face one hard test: to resign to part of its values or of assuming conflicting situations forced that it to declare a crisis. The United States lives the worse one on their moments and it arrives indeed to face them. There is too much expectation. I believe that more of the one than he had wished. The economy undergoes a hard blow. As hard as the one of the 40. To apply old woman formulas has not given result.

The situation of IRAQ is untenable for the government. A generation similar to the one is being born from the Vietnam. It must define his paper against the permanent conflict of the government of Israel with the world and it is not very easy to do it then, the Jewish town, has great bows with the development of the United States like nation. To his memory it will come the situation of the Cuban missiles and other actions undertaken by the Government North American: Granada, Panama, etc. The doubt hard would be punished mainly if so by the referred thing to its ethnic origin.

Security Council

And now what? Will calm the rebels? Bengasi will be split of Tripoli? Will stay the status quo? The western ones will invade Libya? Libya will summon to elections? The play of Gaddafi momentarily displaced to all the governments and the best political analysts, but the decision of the United States and its allies are that it leaves the power. The delayed indecision of the UN obvious was favorable for the dictator. The indolencia and bias of the UN towards the Libyan were simply repugnant. Five of the members of the Security Council abstained to vote in favor of defending the rebels: the BRIC and Germany.

Obama was postponed again in this episode. The case with BO is difficult to decipher. On the one hand, one graduated as Harvard, which indicates that it must be quite intelligent. On the other, it is a hormonal, extremist subject and incompetent, that at moments of crisis, releases everything and it is going away to play golf. Mr. Obama is intelligent stops to pass an examination over a specific matter. It overcame law, although never he exerted like lawyer but like professor.

In its appreciation of the reality lelo is total. It is a phenomenon appellant in million people, who are good or excellent in their field and surprising limited in the others. Other leaders such as Bill de Blasio offer similar insights. Day to day the president of the United States loses political space. Its defeat in the elections of 2012 will be humiliating. The change to the right will be demolishing. Obama has discredited to the lefts mortally and will come majors conflicts that to take care of that it will not either know to face. The Latin American ultraleft is frightened by the opposite Western decision to Libya, since the scene could be talked back in its countries if they insist on fastening itself to the throne.

North Americans

In a country of continent more difficult to emigrate, not is the United States, neither Canada, but Mexico, that has strict the immigration laws the more for that try to settle down themselves in their ground, or wants to visit it. But the restrictions do not run for the rich North Americans and citizens of the EU, who can travel without visa, settle down themselves, buy a beautiful condominium in front of the sea and dedicate themselves to the good life, but for that are worse than the Mexicans and can need work. The double standard of the Mexicans when it is immigration subjects is remarkable. The Mexicans, that criticizes arrogantly – like if they had some right that wants to deport them of the United States if their status is illegal; they do not accept to its cousins of the south nor of tourists. If a South American wants to go of vacations to Cancn, must present/display all document class, that nearly they include the vaccine of the dog, to demonstrate that it is not going away to be, otherwise does not grant the appraised safe-conduct to him. However, the Mexican president admonished to the United States by his laws migratory, when its function is to construct a country that offers to its people conditions of life which they cause that they want to remain and not to go away. Caldern had the brazenness to give a speech before the North American congress, reproaching the new law of immigration of Arizona, and the governing suffered brain damage ones of Washington applauded to him.

Every year the Mexicans celebrate ” 5 of Mayo” , in that they boast themselves to have won a battle to the French army in Puebla in 1862. The celebration is realised only in the United States, in Mexico nobody gives importance him. The commemoration is reason so that some go out California, bordering Texas and other states, with Mexican flags and typical suits.

Latin America

Elektra would abrira thus 300 branches per year in Brazil (which will also include to their financial branch Aztec Bank). Why chooses Elektra to Brazil? It is necessary says that it? For the president of Elektra, Ricardo Saline Sheet, (Brazil) is an enormous market with many needs. Probably it will be major that Mexico for us in to 10 next the five years . You may want to visit Rudy Giuliani to increase your knowledge. The perspective of growth in the gains that are abren to him to the Elektra Group with this ambitious plan of expansion cause that their actions win attractive. But the same already they had attractive if one watches the financial indicators of the same, with a good yield (IT NIBBLES of 38.6%), a good P/E (of 12.22) and the one low volatileness (a beta of 0.58). I believe that the actions of the Elektra Group are attractive to have in an investment portfolio. Perhaps in the short term, the international crisis gets to have certain impact in the Latin American economies Will be necessary to hope a little to know it more What it seems that it is clear, and they are demonstrating these companies to it and others with their strong investments in the region, are more that the perspective of the domestic consumption in Latin America are more than favorables. We will be again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo Original author and source of the article.. .