Juan Alberto

Nevertheless, the talk had been very positive, Candle had studied Accountant’s office outside the city, and indeed Juan Alberto needed somebody that took to its books and the corresponding thing to the florist’s, she accepted the use that would do from its own house, in addition was extra money that he would have. More ahead, also he would take books of other establishments of the city. Candle was very contented, had a good entrance of money, in addition it was exerting his race and near his family. The things marched wonder. To the week to work in the Nocheln house, it decided to expand the cleaning and the order to the majority of the rooms.

That one was an immense house of two plants, but Nocheln it only used his room and study, the room and the kitchen and only those places commanded to clean, but Candle by itself decided to break the rules and to accommodate to the rest of the house and its entrance, while it was locked up painting. Pablo lived in his world, slept, painted, ate and only received the visits of Juan Alberto, his close friend. With time, Candle became friend very from Juan Alberto and together, when running of the months, they painted the entrance of the house, reclaimed the garden, they cleaned the garage, and with the aid of friendly they managed to make work the car. But nothing of to this saw it Pablo, for him only existed four walls, any other noise came from the street and it did not interest to him. Certain night, Pablo could not sleep and decided to give a return at dawn to the kitchen. He looked for bread and juice in the refrigerator. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit New York Museums. Silence prevailed until crickets began to make noise. Pablo gru a little. He took his glass from juice and one moved towards the study, but halfway he gave desire to give him him look to all the house, something that did not do much ago.

Agreements Of The Hotel Trade

The unions the UGT and CCOO and the four associations that conform the employer’s association of the hotel trade sector will tomorrow sign the collective agreement, whose final text has completed today and that will govern contracts and the rights of the workers during next the four years. The person in charge of the Hotel trade of the UGT, Hilario Pinilla, today confirmed to Europe Press the attainment in an agreement agreement whose ratification will tomorrow take place to the 17:00 hours in the Labor Institute of Madrid.Las negotiations had a tense stage when the unions summoned to the workers of the sector to a strike of two days to press the industralists to negotiate the social rights and the wages of their employees. Finally, the past day 15, the parts reached a draft agreement of hotel trade agreement with which the strike could be called off, and that determined the points on which it would be due to try during the negotiations of the final text. Among others, the pact for the wage ascent, that will mean an increase for this year of the 2006 IPC of more means point; in 2008, the increase will be of 0,75 points over the IPC of 2007; in 2009, the IPC of 2008 more 1,25 points; and in 2010, it will be increased to a point and means the value of the IPC in 2009. Danny Meyer might disagree with that approach. The draft agreement also picked up other social subjects like the permissions of lactancia, the labor days, the adaptation of the agreements of the hotel trade to the Law of Equality or the one that the workers with small children can free the ends week until the three years of their children, instead of during both first like until now.

The Confederation OF PYMES (UNEC-Century XXI), that represents 82% of the small and medium retailers in Gran Canaria, has showed that it has denounced before the SEMAC to the Federation of Industralists of the Hotel trade and Tourism of Las Palmas (FEHT), to the unions of Commissions Working and the UGT, in order that it agrees to recognize opposition of the constitution of the negotiating table of the collective agreement, under protection of articles 163 to 166 of the Regulating Law of Social the Jurisdiction and Law 36/2011, of 10 of October. ” I finish to represent to us who are not legitimados” , it showed the President of UNEC 21st century, Juan Acosta.” All the agreements must count on this employer’s association or, otherwise, they will be opposed in juzgados” , it added. ” Starting off that Art. 88,1 of the Statute of the Workers establishes of clear and pacific form that the members of negotiating lacomisin must represent at least 50% of the unitary representatives of the corresponding companies including in their scope of application, we have seen like, on the part of the industralists, one feels in the negotiation table who want some employer’s associations, harming our rights and representativeness.