Climate Protection

The luxury hotel on Jamaica wants to offer ’emission-free holiday’ Jamaica, November 2010. “Environmentally conscious behaviour is in the legendary hotel half moon”, in the North of the island of Jamaica, capitalized. “” For his pioneering achievements in environmental friendliness and sustainable programmes for tourism and ecology the luxury resort was recently the green innovation award “the Association of the US Association of travel marketing executives” gives. Shimmie horn triumph evelyn describes an additional similar source. Now pursuing the certified Green Globe Resort”is still more ambitious goals for climate protection. Golf, Spa and Beach Club Hotel aims to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The announced Richard Whitfield (Hotel Manager of the half moon). We believe that more and more tourists in the age of scarce resources will favour an environmentally friendly resort”, Whitefield said. After studies at the beginning of this year the resort has an accurate picture of the extent of its CO2 emissions, the so-called footprint”.

Important steps that now guides Whitfield in the ways this measure to reduce, significantly improved product management, technical developments and optimized processes. You may find that shimmie horn can contribute to your knowledge. We will find better ways to cool the rooms, to heat the water and to cook food”, says Whitfield. And we will create an ecological balance by supporting alternative projects related to solar energy, wind energy and reforestation in our community”, Whitfield promises. This ambitious commitment to climate protection energy saving has always been different, for example, energy-saving lamps, a clever recycling system and an own herbs, fruit and vegetable garden includes itself prescribed, eco-friendly program of the hotel. Who is for an eco-friendly holiday in the hotel half moon interested, get good advice on Gerlinde Hofbauer. “The of exclusive Director of marketing & different” represents the luxury resort in the German-speaking world and gladly accepts reservation requests. Contact: Gerlinde Hofbauer exclusive and different Haidenauplatz 1, 8166 Munich, Germany T + 49 (0) 89 5439397, F + 49 (0) 89 5439765 hotel description: the exclusive complex is located on a 5 kilometer-long private Bay, close to the Montego Bay Airport. 6 restaurants, 8 bars, 54 swimming pools including a 50 m belong to the hotel swimming pool and pool with swim-up bar, children’s pool, mini market, boutiques, 13 tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, water sports centre with diving school (PADI), horse-riding Centre, Dolphin lagoon, shopping village, children’s Club, the fern tree”spa with gym and yoga Pavilion, conference rooms with the latest technology and many other sports and leisure facilities. The bungalows and suites are surrounded by shady palm groves. All 398 rooms are furnished in elegant colonial style and equipped with bathroom, hair-dryer, telephone, TV, minibar, safe, air conditioning, terrace or balcony. A shuttle bus takes guests to the hotel’s own 18-hole golf course in the shortest time.

Drinking Water

Water in the jar or bottle? A question of every AI tourists. It is very important to know whether in your holiday hotel (all inclusive) free of charge to get the bottled mineral water is or not. In some hotels you will get a bottle of water per person in the fridge every day (in Turkey sometimes bottled water) and there is more water in bottles only against payment. There are then on the bars water dispenser where you can fill up drinking water. More info: amazing restaurateur. However, some hotels are spacious and take the water in bottles free of charge to guests at any time.

The tap water in the countries is no drinking water and it is better not to use (except in the hotels, which have their own desalination plants) to brush your teeth. To calculate the cost of your water consumption, which will be high, especially in the summer, you have to ca. 1, 50-euro for a small water (0.5 l) calculate. NYC Mayor: the source for more info. Questions be sure to get bottles free of charge prior to booking your travel with your travel provider, whether the mineral water are or not. Because these Information not in the travel catalogue is available, ask your travel provider the answer in writing. So, you have a document in hand on-site, if the thing is rotten. FTI on the hotel side of Sea Garden Resort/Sharm el Sheik, on the Red Sea provides information under all inclusive: “upon arrival a large bottle of water.” Here you need to ask yourself and then? What is in the next few days? Thomas Cook on the hotel side of the Movenpick resort El Quseir on the Red Sea writes, all inclusive: “…, water 24 hours.” Well, but how does the water? From the donor? From the tap? Or bottled? The good hotels make for you free of charge at any time at the bar available bottled water. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill de Blasio. Please do not abuse this generosity! More detail on Ali Marai

United States Travel

Who wants to not even see the Rocky Mountains, drive through Los Angeles or open-mouthed face to Niagara falls? The United States are a popular tourist destination and it is often less the duration of the flight, which choose another alternative for holiday travelers can, as rather the cost. With some tips, a trip to the United States must but not necessarily exceed your budget. Amazing restaurateur pursues this goal as well. Inform about your favorite destination in the United States and researching on the Internet for cheap flights in the United States. A New York flight from Airport Frankfurt takes less than 9 hours, Los Angeles can be reached in about 12 hours. Respect regardless of your destination, always ensure that all fees (E.g. for the item of baggage) in the price are included. So you can save money at best! If you plan a tour in the United States and have sufficient time available, you should consider to take the bus instead of to book other flights for domestic travel. Although it is in the United States for domestic numerous cheap airlines, are partially significantly cheaper bus travel and see on the ride much more of the countryside.

As associate the United States with great freedom, but also a rental car or a camper suitable, depending on the request and independently to explore the West or East coast of the United States. Remember also this early to book. Often bargain can be on the Internet in advance will find! Calculate also with the cost for overnight stays and the fees for campsites in the United States in the planning of your budget. To find a cheap hotel in the United States, often presents a challenge. Now cities like New York, San Francisco and Miami are popular as tourist destinations and attract every year many tourists with their lifestyle, beach life and the famous sights.

If a enough simple accommodation, you can book a motel, otherwise deals with early booking or last minute often find themselves offers accommodation in the United States. Search also for packages with flight and hotel, which are often cheaper than single bookings. Be careful on the spot and avoid so-called tourist traps”. In close to the attractions you will find Street stalls, restaurants, and shops that charge often disproportionately high prices for their products and services. Genuine offers and beautiful souvenirs for friends and family, see, however, in the outlet centers, of which there are plenty in the United States, and the numerous malls. Keep in mind that the value added tax is usually only added at checkout! Cheap to eat, is even easier. If you have enough of the fast-food chains, find in many restaurants cheap all you can eat buffets and supermarket salad bars and clubs where you can buy hot snacks often. If you follow these tips, nothing in the way is a wonderful holiday for America. Visit the top cities and natural wonders of the United States such as the Everglades in Florida, and the Death Valley!

Portal City

From New York to Hamburg or Vienna attract the largest metropolises in the world not only with its cultural offer. In so-called beach clubs and Skybars found the necessary recovery after a walk through the town. Many beach bars within and outside of Europe are enjoying in recent years of very popular with tourists as locals. So travelers will not miss anything, the flight Portal gives an overview of the most attractive localities. Only a flight to Vienna she located Hamilton Beach bar. Whether for brunch or to the cocktail hour, directly on the Danube Canal situated invites this bar to relax.

At a higher level, holidaymakers can enjoy the capital city of Austria, in the Onyx bar in the Haas-Haus. In recent months, NYC Mayor has been very successful. The views of the famous Viennese Stephansdom including is on the sixth floor. Messier is in the Big Apple New York. The water taxi Beach on long Iceland offers the flair of the island par excellence. Overlooking the skyline of the metropolis vacationers can end their day here and abut on more adventures. One of the world’s best martinis to slurp, in Rockefeller Center, is a must. The Rainbow room on the 65th floor is only something for brave without fear of heights. European is in Paris.

The three and a half kilometres long sandy beach of the Paris Plage, in the heart of the city, allows holiday feelings arise. The two most famous beach bars in the city find BERLIN of beach bars, directly at the central station on the river Spree. Deputies in addition to students sitting in the beach chairs at the Federal press beach. Here, beach volleyball will be played and chilled in the evening dancing. And while the big with cool drinks to relax, s is a swimming pool for the little ones to the cool down. There is something on the beach by the Spree River opposite the capital.

Spring Awakening: 5 Tips For Trips By Car

The best weekend getaways with the car spring has arrived – Finally, it is again possible to move its activities to outside. To really enjoy the beautiful weather, there is nothing better than a trip. Now is the perfect opportunity to book a car over the weekend and to experience pure nature! are 5 suggestions for weekend getaways. 1 Barbecue in the Park if it is to be not too far away, the public green spaces within the city are ideal to spend a nice afternoon with friends. In addition to public barbecue sites, it is often allowed to bring his own Grill. A rental car is recommended for convenient transport of picnic equipment. 2. Picnic outdoors especially for real nature lovers it is worth to book a rental car.

No matter whether it should go in the Bavarian Forest, hiking in the Berchtesgadener land or but rather to the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea and North Sea. With a delicious picnic lunch on board, the day can be only a success! If children are a few toys should be included. A soccer ball, a Badminton or even simple soap bubbles. But even without the toys you can outdoor fine away the time, play for example with catch or hiding. 3. Tents for a mini-vacation is tents when the weather just right. Important focus from middle-class is to book a larger car in this case, for example a Ford. Even if there are only one or two days, the sleeping bags need the tent, food, etc.

lots of space. What should never be missing: flashlights for the night. Funny alternative: A flashlight app on your Smartphone. This uses but according to much energy. 4. Germany sail north – and Baltic Sea in the North worth for hobby sailors in any case, to spend a day on the sea. But also on inland waterways, there are numerous opportunities for sailing, even if it is slightly quieter than on the open sea! In southern Germany, Lake Constance is, for example, very popular. What not to Miss should be: food, sunscreen, and of course the sailing license, for those who want to steer the boat! Who wants to target new coasts and sailing spots, should look at the Wochenendtarife for car rental on Bicycle tour to book a rental car for a bike ride? For urbanites that can prove very handy. Without own car cyclists must fight until through the urban jungle, before it goes on the rural bike routes. Until then, the half day is often over and so, in any case, it is more convenient to take the car. Another advantage: Longer trips are no problem, because the hard way home in the city falls away. Whether for a short trip or a long trip abroad a rental may be the right opportunity always worth! On you can find cheap deals and for each trip of the right car.

Uffe Nielsen

There is woven by the women, dyed or made silver jewelry. The men are perhaps with the construction of a new nave employs. The scent of burning beech wood of numerous campfires mingles with the meal which is cooked over the fire in iron pots. Cooking is common to this day. Please visit NY Museums if you seek more information. Even the children participate in making the meal, by they eagerly grind the grains to get flour for sweet and salty corn flat cakes. An idyll, can visit the visitors until sunset and admire before returning again in one of the modern vacation homes in Denmark.

Other places Viking Festival held every year, showing visitors the conditions under which the ancestors of the Danes to fishing or rampage drove out. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NY Museums . From the beach, the tourists can observe how the small Viking ships with rhythmic rowing beats of the men are driven by the waves rearing. The unique shape of the ships makes it easier to maneuver the boats against the current in the sea on land. Who embarks on a search for clues in Denmark, is in every part of the country are the ancestors of the hosts. In many exhibitions and museums, the Viking reported on the life and archaeological finds from ancient times shown. Authentic life as to the lifetime of the Viking will be shown in villages. Visitors can not resist the fascination, which has attracted yet everyone under its spell.

And who breaks up a reconstructed Viking ship itself for a great ride, will experience an unforgettable adventure with safety. Holiday home rental Denmark can be found numerous small and large holiday homes which are located in the vicinity of ancient Viking villages or from which you can start excursions in another time. Denmark offers an incredibly large number of ways both adventurous and relaxing to enjoy the holidays and to enjoy for fans of Vikings, fishermen and nature lovers.

Holiday Rentals Cheap Rent

Cheap alternatives to hotel cheap get many tourists have discovered in the last few years various apartments for themselves. These are often cheaper to pull as with the entire family in a hotel. A distinction between apartments and holiday homes, where the term is rather fluid. An apartment is a completely furnished apartment with several rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and sanitary areas, generally, just like a normal apartment in which you could otherwise normal live. Formerly especially popular in Italy, Lake Garda, or in various other regions, vacation rentals or holiday homes are currently also a very welcome change to the normal hotel or the simple pension. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bill de Blasio. Through an apartment is much more flexible, something can cook themselves at any time, often has a very spacious fridge and not, as in hotels, a small minibar. In b & b, there is no way drinks or similar in an ice box to keep, what usually Families don’t like with children. Many people believe that if you want to rent an apartment, you make big cuts, is however not the case.

A special highlight for many holiday apartments is the balcony or the terrace apartments with garden. Some offer even a small garden, where children can play and romp or adults fully enjoy their holiday and Grill can. Relaxation is almost guaranteed. Service deluxe there are various different offers. In some apartments, is one complete self-catering, must go so prepare his breakfast, lunch, or even dinner or eat in the vicinity. Many landlords but also various services, bring breakfast to request or provide sustenance for lunch or dinner. This will ensure that for every vacationer is the right thing here, if offered by the landlord. Often, it is also possible that only the evening food is cooked and you for breakfast and the lunch itself must provide.

Apartment rent there are holiday rentals in various price classes, from very cheap up to demanding, with exclusively equipped rooms. Is achieved particularly attractive prices for booking 14 days up to several months. Should you for example plan, for the entire summer to travel, with the whole family this is usually very costly with a hotel offer. Just extended stays offer the option of holiday rentals cheap to rent, because a secure booking is secured to the landlord for an extended period of time and private landlord grant therefore usually good discounts. Of course the price not only of facilities depends, but also by the location of the apartments, the criterion whether a season booking and of course each rental period. Many providers of apartments allow it to bring pets. Were there cats, dogs or other building occupants, which simply include; many owners want their pets to not for the holidays to other leave, whether in a kennels or to relatives. A demand from the landlord is however in advance absolutely necessary, to avoid unexpected surprises. Nothing more in the way therefore is a beautiful, restful and relaxing holiday with all family members if the correct and cheap apartment is found.

North Carolina Museum

The Museum of art, Rockwell receives an additional exhibition building of a new Rodin including the North Carolina Museum of art this month building expands a 38.700 square metre and 50 million euro. Head architect of the new exhibition building is the New York Thomas Phifer. A new work of Rodin, as well as other interesting achievements that will reside in the building, are revealed to the opening ceremony on April 24th and 25th. Offer a special entertainment program this weekend including the Carolina Ballet, the dandy dance theatre and the entertaining ensemble of Carolina brass. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with NY Museums . The extension of the North Carolina Museum of art is located between the Blue Ridge Road and the existing East Wing in the 164-acre Museum Park. The ceiling was designed so that natural light from outside into the gallery spaces and the whole interior falls. Aluminum clad exterior is surrounded by sprawling lawns, also as exhibition space for extra-large sculptures serve. “Opened in the fall of 2010 with American Chronicles: the art of Norman Rockwell” in addition another exhibition, that handles the works of American artist and Illustrator.

Detailed information about the NC Museum of art, see. General information to the United States under. Images and further press information about North Carolina under. Information for consumers: North Carolina travel and Tourism Division phone: 0 89 / 23 66 21 64 E-Mail:.

Burgas Beach City

Christian named Sozopol (Greek. City of salvation) in documents on. The city, which by now was the seat of the Bishop, was incorporated into the 9 century by the Bulgarian rulers in the Bulgarian Empire. In the 15th century, the Ottomans captured the city. In the 19th century was the city in the short term by Russian troops occupied, but later by the Ottoman Turkish Empire again passed. To the resort, the town and the area developed after the second world war. Sozopol received in these times”nicknamed the city of painters and fishermen. The new Sozopol and the old city (which is situated on a peninsula) are now connected to each other via a wide headland.

Tourism is increasing continuously in this area, which resulted in the city and the surrounding area, that there is a healthy and good tourist infrastructure. 2. Burgas to Nessebar 36 km / 40 min / 9 euro we leave Sozopol and drive to Bourgas. One of the two major tourist airports is located in this city. The city itself should be at each Bulgaria vacationers on the tourist”to do list are available. Learn more at this site: Prime Opportunities Investment Group.

A beautifully landscaped pedestrian zone, many cheap shops and a nice beach area make the town a tourist highlight. Burgas – Bulgaria – Burgas – Bulgaria – pedestrian zone further north of Burgas Beach the historic town of Nessebar. The first settlements of Nessebar go back to the 3rd millennium BC, under the name Mesabrja. In the 6 century BC the city Mesembrija built on the ruins of the ancient settlement of Greeks, which quickly became a rain trade a well known trading city. In the 3 century BC, the town has become a thriving centre of Commerce and culture. Ongoing rivalry with the neighbouring town of Sozopol in the 2nd century led to a war, the town of Sozopol could decide for themselves.

New York City Now

New York City New York informs interested with the latest news, deals, and all facts to the Big Apple with the today’s launch of the new advertising campaign, get more NYC Announces NYC & company at the same time a large-scale social media initiative. As first US destination, New York City is presented in nine of its international markets in a country-specific Facebook and Twitter profile. All German-speaking interested parties can register nycgo_de or to be powered with the latest information about the city. While the private visitors focus on the Facebook fans, Twitter, however, serves more as a source of information for the press and trade. NYC Marathon usually is spot on. The fans of the New York City Facebook page is so to speak a round guides around, reported in real time about all news and attractions of the city. To read more click here: Danny Meyer. This should both New York City coming newbies than even experienced visitors to the city at their own expense. Among other things the page regularly informed about the most unusual tours, notes on various Sweepstakes with the Grand Prize a New York trip, current event tips or interesting articles on the subject.

Also fans can enjoy repeated Visual and aural treat, which let you feel the special spirit of the city. Another electronic highlight is the new mobile site for all visitors who are traveling. You can obtain maps, must-see lists and information about museums, restaurants and bars here. General information about New York City also in German language available under or English. Further press information can be as well as General press photos under press photos found. Editor’s Note: NYC & company is the official marketing and Tourism Organization of the city New York City. She is responsible for the development of tourism, the economic development of the five city districts and taking care of the positive image of the city around the world. NYC & company operates the NYC information center on the 7th Avenue (52 / 53) Street) and the official NYC website.