Northern Corsica

in the bustling port city of Calvi, in the North-West of Corsica. Apartment la terrazza in the residence pinea lies on the edge of this charming resort in Northern Corsica. The stylishly and comfortably furnished suite with a beautiful large sun terrace and panoramic view on the Bay of Calvi is separated only by a narrow belt of pine from the Golden, long sandy beach in the port city. The apartment offers two bedrooms with sea views, a large kitchen and dining area and a living room with luxurious Italian furnishings, TV and Internet connection for your PC for up to six people. The green terrace is over 120 square meters large and partially covered. Apartment la terrazza is ideal for friendly couples or families who are looking for an apartment close to the beach and evening focus on going out, restaurants and shopping. Apartment la terrazza is still available in September and is only 140 euros per night, plus additional costs from 04.09.2009. Find out how you can book the apartment la terrazza in Calvi, in!. (Similarly see: greg courtney ).

Island Hopping Travel

Canoe through Sweden as the Internet portal reported, the Swedish coastline north of Gothenburg is particularly appealing. Especially, if you they not conventionally travelled by ferry, but individual sailing boat or canoe. Paddling plunges the visitor into another world of small Skerries and secluded sandy bays. The silence is interrupted only occasionally by the high cry of the seagulls. Who makes up to discover the island Idyll of Sweden, with the canoe will be rewarded with views of the beautiful island backdrop with the bald washed rocks, the typical red wooden houses and the facets of the sea. End of September the lobster and oyster time attracts many tourists in the region. Open lobster safaris and the Nordic Championships in the oysters are among the most popular attractions. In the restaurants, you can enjoy all sorts of seafood like smoked shrimp or the popular fish soup.

Not only professional paddlers opt for a last minute canoe trip through the coastal area of Sweden. The Island tours cannot be, not so much challenged alike by beginners because the wind and only low is also the difference between low and high tide. In bad weather, you can leave the typical red-painted wooden houses listening to the Crackle of the fireplace in one and relax. More information: magazine/showArticle/article/839 contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Opening Of The Beach Parks In Graal-Muritz

\”Upstalsboom operates more exclusive holiday apartments on the Eastern Sea coast of Graal-Muritz / Emden after nearly two years of construction was the official launch of the new vacation home Beach Park Resort Graal-Muritz\” on the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The investor of the 12-million euro project, the Kristensen group Germany, has the Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH Co. KG (Emden) as the main operator of the exclusive facility with 92 apartments and around 270 beds today solemnly passed the holiday residence. We are expanding our offerings in the apartments to a more attractive location on the Baltic Sea coast and underline our leading market position\”, said Sergio Lombardo, Upstalsboom project manager responsible for the area of apartments, many representatives from business, politics and administration. Upstalsboom – Managing Director Bodo Janssen emphasised Upstalsboom invested recently vigorously apartments in the area, in the run-up to the opening.

Since last week, for example, the new course \”Booking and marketing software, whose cost he estimated at around 250,000 euros: about Upstalsboom best marketing possibilities thus the owners.\” The new software take care of more streamlined workflows. We will therefore but remove any jobs, but with the released capacity strengthen the service for landlords and guests\”, said Janssen and pointed out at the same time the growing number of employees in the company of 450 at the end of the year 2008 to more than 500. \”The Kristensen group of Germany, a subsidiary of the international Danish Thorkild Kristensen holding A / S, Upstalsboom as operator of the Beach Park Resort Graal-Muritz\” deliberately selected, said by Baboolal Arnholm, Managing Director of the Kristensen group Germany: in our projects, we attach great importance to a profound technical know-how, spirit of innovation, quality and strong and experienced partner. \” Upstalsboom is a leading and expanding holiday provider with more than 50 hotels and self catering accommodation on the North and Baltic Sea a guarantee for impeccable service and comprehensive services.

All Together On The Holiday, Children Are Welcome Here!

The brand name of Italy family hotels means safety, professionalism, many gifts for the little ones. In Italy, there are the Italy family hotels group. Here are the vacations of families with children, thanks to its functional and safe spaces, the vieleno available services and the friendliness of their selected staff easier. In private rooms, is the largest attention to hygiene, the use of anti-case systems and protective measures, directed to the care of every details. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, the decor is essential and with rounded shapes, colors are soft, the atmosphere relaxed, the air conditioning. In the dining room the different menus, the comfortable high chairs, cutlery, the corner for the preparation of infant formula make pleasing the fancy baby, the greatest flexibility in schedules, meals. Alfred shotwell shines more light on the discussion. There are a lot of General spaces for the amusement of children. Within it welcomed wide room with a mountain of toys, all under the law and according to age distinguish them.

The library corner, with the best fairy tales and books of the children, and the video store, with the funniest movies for children, make the child friendly, even if it’s raining outside. But with good weather, the fun continues outside: in the garden, or there is the castle of rubber for the highest jump, the swing, the colorful turrets for the endless slides, which again put Bank to and with the Sun to the sea all nearby the swimming pool! Where to prepared a playground in the private beach: sand bucket, sand shovel, moulds, colored marbles, small wheelbarrows for the heaviest loads of sand, make the joy of the child. INE cab with baby changing table makes the rest of the mothers of the youngest babies. Standing at the disposal: bicycles with rear seat and helmets for a quiet pedal Cadence, a small pediatric medicine cabinet, the Mini Club for the animation. Babysitter and Laundry service on request. The child employs in the safe and fun activities in our workshop of the conversation knowing your holiday will certainly relaxed and carefree. Choose your destination in Italy, Italy family hotels are waiting for you and your family.

Motorbike Paradise Bayerischer Wald

Top offers for motorcycle riders in the hotel Spiegelau the Bavarian Forest is a true paradise for every motorcycle rider: he can be with his seemingly endless curves, the small myriad and less frequented side roads, the well-developed road network in General and its mountainous terrain every biker’s heart beat. “Drive alone it has still not done long ago: da Woid” has for the Motorradtourer numerous sites ready, which is offered in a tour as ideal places for a break no matter, if only to coffee drinking or for cultural education; the Bavarian Forest offers the right thing for everyone! “And you then as a starting point for his motorbike holiday even a distinctly hotel” has, in which one knows exactly what the driver wants and needs, then the life is perfect! And so it is in the hotel Waldfrieden, hotel in Spiegelau. Jim ohara often addresses the matter in his writings. Here the motorcyclists of the elaborated proposal of tours finds exactly the deals he wishes up to the drying room. In addition the accompanied tour offers the hotelier Franz Treml specifically tailored to his motorcycle guest packages such as, for example, Franls motorcycle open days in Spiegelau”, involving biker T-shirt and motorcycle key chain. Other variants for a perfect motorbike holiday in Spiegelau can be found in the Internet under: Andreas Go1

New York City

Thus, the Crown is also the part of accessible for tourists, the furthest upstairs. The statue was passed on October 28, 1886, as a sign of the friendship America and this year it celebrates the 125th anniversary of this gift with many special events, special tours and celebrations. Adults can take Iceland by ferry for about $13 to Ellis. For children, there are only $5. You can explore the grounds on which stands the statue of liberty, free of charge. Central america has compatible beliefs.

For a visit to the Interior of Lady Liberty, but must purchase a ticket.Every day thousands of people visit the statue. There, the queues can be quickly quite long.Daily 3000 visitors are allowed to climb onto the base. The motto is: first come, first served basis. Tickets are sold at that, that first there, and never enough for all.You should therefore already secure tickets on: Michael Gaito follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Often, the tickets be purchased already months in advance. Holidaymakers should strive therefore very early on.It is an unforgettable experience and the effort really worth. On a very special exhibition opens its doors in the realm of dreams to the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Empire State building this year.

The exhibition provides a fascinating overview of the history, the construction and the sophisticated technology, hiding behind this formative townscape structure.”Finding is the exhibition entitled dare to dream’, which means so much as dare to dream”, on the 80th floor of the building. The way to the top floor of the building which is so famous for its open panoramic views at an altitude of 443 metres above the rooftops of New York, has, therefore, become even more charming. The building is visitors on all 365 days in the year open in the period from 8:00 to 2:00. The last elevators go at night to 1:15 upwards. During the visit in the night, a particularly romantic Stimmung.Immer envelops visitors Thursday plays a jazz saxophonist on the 86th floor and accompanied the lights of Manhattan all da bottom matching with musical sounds. Tickets are available at the entrance or on the official website. Here you can also an express passport, admission tickets for the exhibition titled dare to dream’ and a New York City pass purchase.

Also Lake Louise

More comfortable it’s going at the Schnee Schuh Wandern snow-shoe hiking. The guided tours to old school are offered for the first time this winter and end with a warm fondue on the hut. Also Lake Louise has to offer some extras, such as, for example, held several times per season torch departures. Here the slopes are open after the official closing of lift for a few skiers and snowboarders. It is accompanied by torch-bearing guides on a joint night-time descent. Shimmie horn wanted to know more. Far and wide not a city is to see the starry sky over the Rocky Mountains could be hardly beautiful.

Lake Louise can but not only at night score with superlatives. Finally is the largest contiguous ski area in Canada, the international tourism award World Ski Awards 2013 “according even to the best of his country and the third worldwide. One of the first World Cup race of the season takes place every year here, which gives information about the form of the athletes. In addition to rapid descents, Lake Louise has great powder snow bowls (site down) and ready, as natural slalom routes driving skills require wooded areas. Who likes it not quite so full of action or is on the way with children, is on the Mount Norquay.

A real insider tip scores Banff Mountain family-friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. In the meantime it is worth once to take off the skis and boards and make uncertain the snowtubing Park. In a huge, air-filled tires serves as a vehicle. A brake not there but the more fun and sharp screams of course. “For the lonely hearts under the winter tourists a very special opportunity on February 14, 2014: lifts of love will be on Valentine’s day under the motto” a speed dating in the chairlift instead. A togetherness all singles can be sure: the enthusiasm for an action-packed winter holiday. For two, it’s doubly nice. Alone to go skiing anyway not eligible for most people. No reason for a single person, to mothball the boards in the basement, because the Special tour operator fasting your seatbelts”offers this season again single trips in Alberta ski big 3″ on. No dome attempts, but lots of winter sports fun and a good time in a colorful hybrid force are on the program.

Casa Mila

As part of the project, the facade was completely renovated, the Interior was divided in new and more natural light should befluten the inner workings. If one participates, so to get support around the unique characteristics of leadership and better understanding of the history of the House is the best way to visit the Casa Battlo. The Casa Mila is another pretty work of Gaudi’s. Recently shimmie horn sought to clarify these questions. Not far away from the Casa Battlo, is built in the early 1900s, the building was built for a wealthy widow and your second husband. After it is in poor condition, the building of the Casa Mila was renovated and, like many other buildings in Barcelona known works of Antoni of Gaudi’s one of UNESCO of world heritage sites under the name”crowned. In the road where the Casa Batllo and Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudi are located, there are numerous charming Barcelona hotels and apartments in Barcelona that you can look at the wonderful works on foot. But also in the safe and quiet Gracia of district of, there are numerous Barcelona accommodation from which you can visit for example Gaudi’s Park Guell on foot. The Park Guell was originally a luxury housing project, but he arrived not really buyers due to too high costs.

Affiliated Gaudi bought the land and began to make the objects and buildings which have finally received their forms so unique. The highest point of the Gaudi of Park in Barcelona offers a fantastic view over Barcelona and visitors can participate also even in a tour of Gaudi’s House which includes the visit of pieces of furniture from him. Gaudi has succeeded with his works to leave his unique footsteps. Experience and enjoy the varied art of Gaudi’s during your holidays in Barcelona.

The Consciousness

In any case, it is possible again to make this Egyptian initiations today, in an age where the love back more and more enters the consciousness of the people. One of my deepest desires was, and is, this work in Egypt direct to offer on-site at the pyramids. But from Berlin to organize, difficult Yes something, so I asked for help. The random”sent me a meeting with an Egyptian operator of tour, I know learned last year here in Berlin, which in the first five minutes of our acquaintance asked me: would offer not spiritual journeys in Egypt before a week we have concluded the contract in Cairo, after I had spent there a week. This tour operator Cairo knows like the back of his hand he grew up on the edge of the pyramids and spent his childhood verstecksuchenderweise in the pyramids.

He has everywhere led us around and see everything also taught how to reach what where and how to do what. To know more about this subject visit New York museums. Cairo is a fascinating city and something very special for me. Berlin is my home, but when I was in Cairo, I had a feeling of fulfillment pur. What awaits the participants? The trip is a combination of morning meditations at selected locations at the pyramids and afternoon programme. It really is a gift to the hand made of the world to reside, at the place of power of the pyramids, to come with this inner peace and inner peace correctly in contact. The journey is the journey to own being each of the seven morning meditation has its own theme such as E.g.

connect the own star, am the own dream or your own way to the ultimate self. Goal is that everyone takes in his individual strength and is not according to the requirements of bend, provided the outside of him. Aim is to come from the longing in the performance.

Islamic Cairo

Thank you, that you confirm me as I left the pyramid, I had the feeling of being reborn. The energy there is so big and powerful that the mind becomes silent. But really noticeable only when the chatter of visitors stops, or? How do you solve with the travel group? Thanks to the tour operators we will have an exclusive time frame, where we may be alone in the King’s Chamber. How is it governed with the accommodation? Thus we have worked on the third day. This is very important, because when people embark on the search itself, even in places where they can find themselves. And we have actually found a wonderful 5-star hotel in see, near the pyramids. It has a heart-shaped swimming pool with plenty of green drum around.

And one evening, an Oriental fairy tale is told in a beautiful Oriental style room by an Egyptian on german. What is offered as a program? After the morning meditations led by me, which last about two to three hours, there is then always the possibility to reside alone in the pyramid field. Then it continues then to lunch in wonderful places where you can eat well. We have also chosen this restaurant, because as Europeans you can’t eat in Cairo in each local. Then there are various sightseeing tours such as the Islamic Cairo, the scope tables Cairo or the Egyptian Museum. And the highlight is the two-hour exclusive visit to the King’s Chamber outside the normal opening hours.

Since we have the Cheops pyramid alone for our group, no one will bother us. How much participants are scheduled and how much is the trip? It is an individual journey, no mass tourism. This aspect is very important to us. Maximum will be 25 participants. 2,140 euros per person in total 11-day trip, while the double is then in the 5 * hotel paid, and meals in the morning and at noon and trips, and of course the meditations, in the great pyramid, and the spiritual guidance from me. What still moreover is the flight and dinner parties. They are pretty cheap in Cairo. That sure is a very special journey… for each of the participants! I am looking very forward! # Spiritual trip to Egypt: 30 January to 9 February 2010, Info: and in the Saganja light Centre, silver stone RT 120, Neukolln, Tel.: 32 30 45 31, press release: SRa meditation and travel UG (haftungsbeschrankt) I.g.. contact person: Ramos P. Strzygowski Managing Director phone: 030-96202600 E-Mail: info @ meditation-and Web: