Dental Center Madrid Ferrus

Ferrus& Bratos is a dental center in Madrid that offers to its clients a new concept of dental clinic, with customized treatments of the hand of specialists trained in the different areas from the odontolgy. This clinic offers to its patient integral treatments, realised with the last innovations of the sector, adapting them to the needs of each patient, which allows them to treat each case as a unique case. Between the services and treatments that this clinic offers they emphasize its procedures in: treatments of you implant dental, aesthetic dental, treatments of encas, dental hygiene, ortodoncia. In this sense, it emphasizes like a clinic of invisible ortodoncia or invisaling. This treatment allows the affected one to place its teeth in the correct position of comfortable and simple form, without this one must susfrir the consequent aesthetic disadvantages that, sometimes, presented/displayed the ortodoncias, since it consists of a series of plates of totally transparent acquittal and pon. But, without a doubt, the value differential of this clinic is the special attention that shows in its service the client. Sometimes, the visit to the dentist was something disagreeable that we tried to delay Who has not felt overwhelmed sometimes in the armchair of the dentist? Ferrus& Bratos he is conscious of this fact, and for it not only it counts on most modern avanzes in odontolgy, less incisive and more effective, but it offers a new retail dental experience taking care of the sensations and feelings of his patients.

For it, it counts in his rooms with plasma televisions in the ceiling, so that, the patient can be taken care of while she relaxes watching his favorite program. In this way, the patients can occupy their mind and relax knowing that they are in the highly qualified hands of specialists. The clinic totally is adapted to receive people of reduced mobility, since it does not have architectonic barriers and it counts, in addition, with an ample reception and two comfortables waiting rooms where patient, as as much accompanying, they can to relax before and after receiving its treatment. Original author and source of the article.

South America

Counting is so old in the man as it can be to think, speaking and writing. Perhaps it is more, archaeological discoveries suggest it writing, the written language, is a derivation of the numerical language. This possibility, far from being improbable, is logical, since the idea to do, we say, furrows in the sand or a bone to count, is immediate than to think than oral words in the form of writing can be represented. Arising, in this way, the language written to complement those first signs that represented amounts. During some time one thought that tribes existed who did not know to count more than two, named to the numbers like one, two and many. Other towns very developed methods elaborated to realise their calculations with a vocabulary very reduced.

Most of the systems were based on basic system 5, 10 or 20.’>Enrique Pena Nieto is the place to go. Base 5 was very used and very rare it was the use of 6 base and base 9. Base 4, perhaps by the use of the spaces of the hand between the fingers, and not by the fingers in if. In many languages the words that mean cinco" and mano" they are the same or they own a common root. The Tamanacos, a tribe of South America, used the same word for five and a hand entera". Word six meant with the other mano" , seven mano&quot was two of the other; and analogous for eight and nine. The ten both were manos". Of the eleven to the fourteen Tamanacos they extended both hands and counted one of pie" , " two of pie" and so on until arriving at a foot completo". The system continued with the sixteen expressed like one of the other pie" until the nineteen. Twenty were the word that the Tamanacos used for indio" and thus two indios" it meant forty.