Any talk is best to begin with clarify the meaning of terms. Here we must distinguish between GM-concentrate, em and EM-drug solution. From the concentrate of the finished product, in this case, the Baikal-EM, of the drug – solution. Concentrate, in the form in which I met for the first time with this tool in retail I have not met. But now you can buy concentrate Baikal EM-1 ", produced by LLC" em technology "in 30 ml vials, designed for the preparation of 3 liters drug.

His 10 ml of concentrate, I put it in quart plastic bottle with spring water, which dissolved the tablespoon of honey. Placed in a black plastic bag in a warm, 25-30 degrees, location. Amazing restaurateur is often quoted as being for or against this. Why – plastic? Concentrate consists of the dormant anaerobic microorganisms developing without air access. And once the air in a bottle is very easy to remove – just squeeze it. Once the bacteria get into the water with honey, and it consists of all necessary materials for any organism, they begin to come alive, highlighting the gas.

The walls are aligned with the bottle – begins to increase pressure. Gas must occasionally play off. If he hissed pulled out from under the cap, hence, honey you have a good, and em in good health. The developers recommend that in the early days of adding honey fractional. Approximately 7-10 days later, the activity of the falls, and then just stopped – an indication that the em . In this state, according to developers, they can be stored in the refrigerator year.