The Effort

This means that a company externally can shift its planning and construction department not completely, because then the necessary monitoring and care effort is no longer possible and that’s why the risks are fully effective. We appreciate this overhead on the basis of our experience in the average to about fifteen to twenty per cent of external power. In addition still the internal cost of procurement and billing for external services. The above cost advantage is so much smaller the overhead or turned in the opposite direction. The effort is also to consider how many additional interfaces are created and how many different service providers with which responsibilities exist. That is, when the selection on the services externally to be awarded is to note whether a partial service (supportive activities, subcontracting) or a full performance (completed, clearly separable in) exists. In the selection of external services is further to consider the risks associated with the services generally are not equal to evaluate, but such can be classified with high and low risk. We see services, who are at high risk, such as: cost estimates creation of specifications / specifications bidder selection offer evaluations review and approval of supplements including hourly work performance determination and recognition of performance loss cost audit construction project, if it is not minor maintenance, often six or seven-figure amounts and must therefore particularly to be monitored. In the assessment of the internal control system, process analysis and its improvement, we can help. Elmar brother-in-law