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New legal compass leads the way through the jungle of law everyday life Mannheim, 5th August 2008 parents are liable for their children”who doesn’t know this sentence? But what are the legal consequences and losses must be liable parent actually? What parents of minor children should definitely know, answered the right compass 2008 now “by legal tips. But also, who has no children, is where all important answers to legal questions from everyday life. Bill de Blasio has plenty of information regarding this issue. Whether family, professional or rental, the compact legal adviser helps consumers to do the right thing at the right time and to avoid so armed and expensive legal fees. The Guide, from the Publisher of academic work community, is now including interactive legal advisor on CD under for 29.80 euro available. Every consumer decisions every day or in situations which at worst get him before the Kadi: father has auctioned off his rolling stones records in the Internet, but unfortunately never saw the money.

Mother buys a used car – and after two days, the engine fails. The mobile phone is stolen by the son and then expensive international calls made with the device. The adult daughter would like to receive the first own apartment and reads in the rental agreement that she must wear repairs in the apartment up to 200 euro itself that is even legal? Well, if you can quickly look up such questions, because the right compass 2008 White always advice: he shows the Internet auction agree what precautions he should keep in mind for the Internet auctions. Car buyers as sellers he gives advice and helps with formulations that prevent surprises, if after the change of ownership of the car defects. The compass the junior, whose handy was stolen, explains that he must be held liable for negligence not only for a maximum of 50 euro. And the daughter can refer to rights and obligations of the lessee and lessor: only small repairs up to 100 euro per repair and no more than six percent of the Term year should the landlord to dump with the practical legal compass consumer have a current legal advisers in the Bookshelf, which provides important information and also tricky relationships vividly explained on examples at hand. The enclosed CD-ROM is especially handy in the private RechtsBerater”: in addition to other important legal topics, includes legally binding templates and sample letter, such as, for example, a letter of resignation from a purchase contract, which must be then only filled in and printed out. The right compass is very practice-oriented and provides the necessary background information with the latest legislative texts on various topics.

The Advisor including CD-ROM can be ordered at for 29.80 euros. To act in a timely manner right the right information up to date should be. With the annual remake of 2008 legal compass “consumers on the safe side. Contact: PR agency Xpand21 Catherine Bader Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg 040-32509170 PR agency