The Present

Paul paused and read the second difficulty. -Good start today 1 is the result of having done a good warm-up, stretching, practice balls and an exercise in mental preparation that seeks to prepare your mind to focus for the next 4 hours only on the tournament. It also requires knowing your previous coup routines and perform them as if you had previously trained them. -Be more regular implies always play with the same high-level competitive mood, as I call him. It is a State that already know and which makes you to be very precise. Care for this State, keep it throughout the tournament, or recover it, is the work that has to be the player that already known techniques to achieve this. In this way will be regular at its highest level. -Do not understand my ups and downs summed up Paul the following sentence which had been on the list-.

The ups and downs are the result of that every day the player is very different (feels different). It has not managed an ideal form of game that plays every day of the tournament and why it is so irregular. Be regular is the result of follow a structure of internal operation that always uses the same mental state in the game and performs the same routines in every hit. -Not overcome bad shocks means that the last bad coup is playing over and over again in the brain of the player. It is a good form of torture is and continue to worsen in the game. I can assure you that it is safer there will always be some bad blow that can be left behind if you play concentrates on the present.

A bad beat is always passed. When you remember you’re wasting your present with a recollection of that type. -Do not overcome a bad start is somewhat the same as the above but for lying a bad start has to be very demanding and poorly designed goals that get us out of the game to think, mistakenly, that already not nothing we can do to improve it.