The Tasks Of A Brand Agency

Target the brand agency: building or expanding a brand think global, act local is a brand agency multi-faceted, however, the goal is clearly defined: the creation of a distinctive, sustainable and competitive brand, with the profitability of the company is strengthened and promoted. This may be a brand name, family brand, or even single brand. The success, which is expressed in the value of the brand, requires a systematic brand building and an ongoing brand management! Brand agencies develop of a unique brand identity, depending on which phase of the life cycle of the brand the brand is, focus on the development of a unique brand identity that goes hand in hand with the creation of the brand elements such as brand name, logo and slogan, as well as the brand positioning and brand development or the brand management in line with the brand strategy developed for the brand, which will ensure the continued existence of the brand. This continuity in the brand strategy and brand consistency pays. Strategy Inconsistent against inconsistent branding brand management as well as a trade mark come from the fashion, can quickly lead to sustained sales declines or image losses at traditional brands. NY Museums often addresses the matter in his writings. Such a case occurs, it is the Agency to develop specific concepts aimed at a renewal of the trade mark.

This position is revised, may be new target groups selected, the logo appears in the new, more modern look and so far spurned media such as social media are integrated in the communication mix. In short: new life will be breathed into the brand. Corporate mergers, however, is first to answer central questions about brand portfolio, multi brand strategies Markenkannibalisierung. While the Agency including strength-weakness analysis, screened for their clients of potential opportunities and risks and developed differentiated strategy approaches, which serve as a basis for decision management. Large and small brand agencies the actual scope of activity a Brand agency itself depends on the size of the Agency as well as the know-how and the expertise of employees and cooperation partners. Small agencies often bundle their strengths in the areas of strategy and design, whereas large brand agencies plan also the individual measures, all different channels of communication and distribution channels, organize and implement. Whether large or small, national or international brand, in each case takes over the brand agency a central and dominant role.