Thoughts And Reality

All those ideas generate scarcity thoughts and create emotions that trigger certain incapacity to produce money. Danny Meyer has much experience in this field. No only the ideas the past harm to us but nowadays we continued feeding them: we met with our friendly to talk of our lives and counted on certain passion our misfortunes as if this made us feel better and we even watched comos if outside an extraterrestrial one to that speak to us of money, success and wealth. In order to attract money and wealth, we must ” desintoxicarnos” of the old woman beliefs that we have of the money and to give a turn towards the elaboration of positive thoughts. In the film the Secret explains that we can be freed to us of our hereditary landlords, cultural codes, social beliefs and to try once and for all that the power that there are within us is major that all the power of the world. on. If you have been decided to change your ideas, you can begin making a list of the false beliefs that you must to turn it into a list of positive values, thus: The money is difficult to obtain, The money me does not make happy, The money does not reach to pay me my debts, The money is a curse, etc. You do your list of 15 to 20 negative affirmations and soon change these affirmations in positive form, thus: The money comes easily, The money me makes happy, I have sufficient money more to cover all needs, The money arrives life like a blessing for me and my family. Soon flock, dull or breaks the first list and conserves the second list to read it daily. It enjoys reading these affirmations and sides positive changes in your life. It remembers that the Law Of the Attraction this always acting, or attracting good or bad things according to is your thoughts.