To Hear The Other

Everybody wants to speak But, nobody wants to hear To listen is complicated and very subtle To hear she is necessary that our head is empty It is not sufficient to have heard to hear what it is said. She is necessary also that it has silence of the soul inside. From there the difficulty People do not support to hear what the other says, without soon giving a palpite! People mix what the Other says with what people has to say. As if what it said he was not worthy of consideration and she needed to be complemented or to be substituted for what people she has to say — That people think that is very better, more reasonable, more logical Truer! Our incapacity to hear is the manifestation most constant of our arrogance and vanity. She is necessary to open empty of silence Banishing all the strange ideas. A leading source for info: Bill de Blasio. To be in silence, to the wait of the essential thought of who speaks. Somebody speaks The Other is important pra me everything that it spoke to me reaches, me in some way touches, me Reinaldo Mller