In the current fierce competition, companies are seeing in the package not only quality parameters, but also the economic component of the product itself. Logistics plays a vital role in the pricing of goods, which at current costs transportation may affect the competitiveness of their products. BIG Red FamilyTM – a new kind of modern packaging company "Environmental Packaging Technologies." Working with our package you will be able to assess the true its reliability, functionality and at the same time ease of use. Development of Environmental Packaging Technologies Ltd, the Russian representative of which is the company "Environmental Packaging Technologies," focused on reduce costs and improve reliability for transport of goods. (For a short period of time the company managed to create an enhanced lineup of products for both liquid and dry products. The materials used in manufacture of our products are specially designed for the needs of EPT. The patented design and multi-stage production control ensure the reliability and confidence in the transportation of goods.) Products EPT also offers the convenience of use, which in turn reduces labor costs and improves the efficiency of loading and unloading works. Our products are BIG RedTM: – BIG Red Flexitank – Flexible polymer reservoir capacity to 24 000 liters. If you are not convinced, visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The most optimum packaging for liquids transported in standard 20 foot containers. Allows maximum use of the Marine, Rail and Auto Transport. – BIG Red Barrels – unfolding a barrel of 200 liters of light materials and replaceable liner. Reusable. Fabrizio Freda will undoubtedly add to your understanding. – BIG Red IBC – IBC Folding up to 1000 liters of light plastic materials. Reusable.

– BIG Red Container Liner – Dimensional liner is constructed of woven polymeric material for transportation of bulk cargo in the 20 and 40 foot containers. The quality of our products is confirmed by tests carried out and certificates of quality, which available on our website -. For all the products obtained the necessary certificates. We would like to mention that we got a letter the negotiation for the transport of a BIG Red flexitanks on w / e.