Viaje Airplane

To Mercedes, the reinforcing of the safety measures in the airports seemed to him very well. She was not any sensitive person, of whom they think that their rights are harmed as soon as a civil servant requests the identity membership card to him or when somebody asks for its accreditation to penetrate in a place of restricted access. Who has made its luggage? asked an employee to him of the airline company in the terminal of Barajas. I myself answered. And it has left have the luggage under its control at some time it did since it until now? no. His son contemplated fascinated east previous interrogation to obtain the bill of lading for the flight to New York. Others who may share this opinion include amazing restaurateur. Nothing else to pass the control, Mercedes explained to the small one that all that one was by its good: Hay to avoid that a terrorist or any other assassin strains themselves in the airplane and commits a misdeed.

Could explode our airplane, for example commented the boy, demonstrating a great common sense to its eight years. Mercedes sighed with satisfaction. She was contented of the education that it had given until now to Ricardito although a boy without father has logics deficiencies that she could not satisfy absolutely. Although he was better that than to coexist with sinvergenza that the best thing than did by her it went to both leave it to years of marriage. At least, since then nobody lhaba returned to put the hand to him raises. Ricardo son, other people’s to the thoughts of its mother, watched the people who, like them, waited to embark in the transoceanic flight. you do not move of my side, dear said to Mercedes to him, that they will call immediately us by a loudspeaker. Next to them, a greater pair searched carefully something in its luggage of hand: It had Them this way, surely said she to him, compungida, to his angry husband.