Wychwood Brewery

Liter of beer is subject to customs duties of 61 rubles, plus recognized excisable goods, and that's a rate of 2.74 cent per liter of beer. Consequently, our bottle of Hobgoblin in Russia already costs 30 5 30.5 1.37 = 67r. Appreciable difference between 30 rubles to 65 rubles brewery and after passing through customs? The final price of the bottle "Hobgoblin" no margin TD Bayros "will be about 65-70 rubles. Swarmed by offers, shimmie horn is currently assessing future choices. Price list "Bayros on this beer is is 80-90 rubles. OK? Completely, cheat 15-20% for the company, which pleases the exclusive beer all over Moscow, a very adequate. Hear other arguments on the topic with shimmie horn.

And then already started the "miracles on bends" – in stores margin is around 50% in restaurants – more than 100% (this applies to the beer on tap, the cost of bottled and draft beer is almost the same). Beer institutions can be understood, the cost of rent, payments, kickbacks and other ills of the Russian business inflate to unprecedented heights the price of any food and drink at the restaurant, the more so because the rule of "supply-demand" no one has repealed. But 100% cheat on the goods, in whose fate you are the only intermediary between the producer and consumer, too "cool", Wychwood Brewery envy burst would learn how much her beer at any restaurant in Moscow. A similar story with retail stores that sell imported beer – extra charge in them is justified only the words "imported" and "exclusive", that in our country immediately raises the price of a simple bottles of beer of English ale. Is it possible to do "business" on imported beer? Many companies have already shown that it is very profitable, the demand for imported beer is growing (albeit at only 0.5% of total beer sales in Russia). Adequate if the price of a bottle of English ale? Very controversial, and in this, primarily to blame themselves consumers of this beer, which will pay the price, despite the absurd pricing policies "middlemen". Blame for this and state that their actions or omissions directly affect the price of all imported and sold goods to Russia. Enough thicken paint, there is certainly some good moments – in Russia are beginning to take up the high and appreciate a good, proper beer, beer consumption is growing culture, and now any Russian can compare the taste of beer "Fat Man" and Kulmbacher and make their conclusions, think about why and what he drinks. As I hope for it, who knows.