Love Is Different …

Love is given not for everyone. Someone endowed with love, and someone she bypassed. Why is this happening? The ability to love depends on the mother, that is laid with the birth of a child. Mom is nursing her child, stroking gently, looking love talking to him. The kid feels that peace, that is my mother loves him, then there arises love to the world.

And this child will be happier and talent in love. Of course there will still layering on the character rights. Decor, relationships with peers, experience friendship or lack of it. If the mother of the child to cry does not run to him, once again not to take him in my arms, or kiss it up to you, the child of love in relationships with other people will be cold, aloof. Yesterday a child becomes a loving, respected be respectful, is often rejected by the suffering of love cynic. We learn how to: read, write, cook, and learn to love – such a task before him and do not set. It would be someone to love, and then no problems. But it turns out, the ability to love involves a great deal.

One love is a desire to grow spiritually and physically, to give strength for life, another love is yearning, desperation forces him go. After all, love – it must be prepared to take risks. You fall in love, and partner threw you and it's very painful. But life goes on and we must once again live with a raised head and open heart. Love requires us to openness, but it's also a risk. You open the heart to your partner, you have the assurance that your honesty is not never turn against you. Falling in love, you give your life, your happiness in the hands of another. You begin to envy of his mood, decision-making. How often do we agree on the relationship? Can you love and remain master of his life, his happiness, that's what even matter? There are dangers of love: fallen out of love, in love with the wrong, not love. This risk leads to suffering. Are you ready to cope with them. There is love – I want you to be happy, I want to get what I want. And there is love – I want to give you what you make happy. Look there difference? Love – is respect for the beloved, tolerance, respect for his hobbies (fishing, theater, etc.), taking care of him. And all this from the heart. To live fully and be happy to learn to manage their feelings, if necessary push them, stimulate, and if necessary a mute, ban. It's not just sovladet their feelings, but in reality, and each person, if he is a man capable of it.

The Contained Anger

Even in the beings more pacatos, pparently inert, can be observed moments of pure fury with its ‘ ‘ monsters internos’ ‘ if materializing to reach the first one, coitado, that it will be for the front. It starts as a wave that grows and becomes giant passing over everything and of all without discrimination and after some time goes losing force coming back to the state of previous inertia. I ruin but it left is great for many times irretrievable. What it will be that it inside binds to the button of a being making to liberate feelings capable to even become it another unrecognizable one for proper? Incapacity to have self-control or to have control excessively? It seems that it functions as a box where everything is kept of good and bad, mixed and without distinction until the storage capacity arrives at the limit and without more nor but it blows up without no justifiable reason for the size of the splinter degree that is capable to produce. The anger is to extravasar of what if it cannot support, is an shout, botar for is, but without domain of the force with that if she places, it is irrational, she is demonic and annihilating for it spreads who it, wounds the soul of feels who it. The anger cause a sensation of drunkeness to its conductor who can leave to run over as if directing a mismanaged car was, therefore it is to guide the feeling of the fondness to reach without reason and why, because the anger does not have reason for more reason that can have.

The control uncontrols of it to think that everything must be absorbed and kept it generates the exaggeration of supporting that at the point to overflow arrives when more cannot support. The emotions dominate to who they if delivery But have as they not to deliver itself? You are capable of for them not leaving itself to dominate? She will be possible to resist it I sing inebriante of the fervor of the set free disequilibrium for the anger that entorpece the direction of the coherence? The anger corrodes and changes back to who it loads. to weigh of its possessor, cause damage some to the being that by it is aimed to receive its effect, not to be proper it that it goes leaving to make bitter the soul for fel that of it unfastens until the point of ‘ ‘ empretecer’ ‘ to diminish in erasing of the solitude in the way them many load that it and solitary if feel and remain. It beats, maltreats to who thinks that with it she is to reach to who not even knows that for it she has such feeling. The anger alone has a side and to this it can reach and only wound.

Bimba Body

Bimbo Lama said in disguise from the body of teachers coming fragrance. According to eyewitnesses recently Itigelov twice opened his eyes, but have not yet found out what it is connected. During large khurals (worship), when hundreds of thousands of believers and worship the immortal body, its weight varies between 100 grams – Bimba says Lama Dorje, the chief curator of the body. To deepen your understanding Danny Meyer is the source. At this time of his abundant perspiration, clothing gets wet, especially under the armpits. We have to wipe the body XII th Hambo Lama Hudack.

In total, according to tentative data, the incorruptible body bowed about half a million people. In January 2003 the teacher suddenly began to lose weight, and for glass, where he was, humidity reason for any high level of 96%. This went on for three days, during which around puzzled what to do. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from amazing restaurateur. According Bimba Lama, weighting is done once a month. Was extended period when the body has lost weight and reached a minimum weight of 39.600 kg. However, over the past two and a half years it has stabilized at 40 kg.

During the period from the date of extraction of the sarcophagus with the Hambo Lama September, 2002, between the incorruptible body and his guardian to establish a special svyaz.Naprimer, Bimba Lama clearly feels the heat and light emitted by the body. Sometimes radiation is so sudden and strong that the custodian trample, reminiscent of the weak charge of electricity. In addition, for Bimba Lama became common vision, recurrent him often during sleep or meditation. True, the content of visions Lama preferred to keep silent. It has always been that Itigelov in 1922 plunged to the ground four sacred vessel. They kept jewelry, herbs, sacred things – to harmonize relations with the owner of the place. So, to clarify information about these "stabilizers of the earth," Lama immediately went to the elderly, and a 90-year-old grandmother suddenly told that such vessels are not really four and five.

Wedding Dress

Corset is considered by experts bridal salons one of the most important parts of wedding attire. To the bride felt it easy and comfortable to make use only modern 'breathable' material. This is not an easy part of any dress, and he carries a lot of seemingly unnoticeable details, but it is very important to create image of the bride, not to mention the fact that he must be comfortable. If the correct approach to choice of a corset, then using it can improve any shape. Separately from all other distinguished French style corset: it just long with a protruding belly on the toe that allows you to visually lengthen and narrow waist. He an ideal solution for girls who can not boast of a perfect waist, and bust any bride would look at it very sexy. With a short neck and suit jacket-bodied with a deep a triangular cut from the neck 'boat'.

Hands full disguise asymmetrical sleeve or sleeve-lanterns. For these girls it is desirable to choose a corset on wide straps. And if we talk about the size, the designers of wedding Salon 'White Orchid' and bothered about this, and we have one of the best in the Moscow election wedding dresses large size. But the fragile brides, by contrast, would be the best strapless corset. Tenderness and romance appearance will give the bride or guipure transparent inserts.

And in general, about certain nuances of his stature should never complexes, especially when choosing a wedding dress, because only a slim girls can afford to do without a model of rigid supports like corsets osnovy.Tak imposes restrictions on the mobility of the body, it is still better to get used to stand, sit and stand up in a dress with corset and develop their graceful and unconstrained movement. Many brides can remember with horror, as in the seating in the car because of the tough hoops at Petticoats in the salon was not possible to squeeze into a fluffy skirt just turned out almost to the head. But in general, no hoops in the lower skirts of the bride will also have difficult, since many flounces, replacing in this case, the hoops can get underfoot while walking, presenting a real danger of falling. These problems in creating wedding dresses can be solved by using special soft plastic rings that create a safe space to walk, even in the most confined spaces, easily bent. Many women today prefer the fluffy exterior modesty wedding attire. If they need only to emphasize the dignity of his figure, from the many petticoats and complex parts can be in her wedding dress to give, and the geometric simplicity of the lines perfectly illustrate the saying: 'not all gold that glitters. " Buying a dress, you pay for elegance trim impeccable tailoring and probably exclusive fabrics, which are not compelled to look catchy. In this case, and wedding accessories should look externally, too simple. For example, a strict dress silhouette is very direct decorate circular with a lace 'Spanish' veil. BM

Assertive Communication

One of the biggest challenges of the human being today is to have the capacity of an assertive communication. According to Passadori (2011), this means to obtain to express themselves, if to affirm, placing what it is felt and it thought without being aggressive, always respecting itself and to the others, independent of right or wrong. When this assertividade does not occur, finishes generating conflicts, misunderstanding and damages, therefore it is not alone what we say, but also as we ahead carry in them of the situations. Inside of an organization, this if becomes more difficult due to the number of receivers gifts, therefore it is necessary to know the elements basic of a communication, that consists of: – Emitting: that individual that emits the message – is necessary that it knows the environment, the employees and the organizacional culture to choose which optimum canal to be used; – Canal: the way where if it transmits the message in writing – being able to be, telephone, verbally, among others; – Receiving: who receives this message – its paper also is essential, therefore it must be open and receptive to the message. The communication can be perfected through some elements, between them: to have a positive auto-image that will give security to it to interact with the others; to have objetividade, trying to be more clearly possible in the expressions; to learn to hear, as much to send the message how much to receive it; to be open to apply feedbacks in the best way. As result of an assertive communication, some benefits can be observed as: the reduction of interpersonal conflicts, improves of the organizacional climate, development of the leaderships, beyond propitiating the reach of positive results, as much in the professional scope, how much personal.


In this direction it affirms Kant: The resistance that frustra the impediment of a effect promotes this effect and is in agreement it. New York Museums will not settle for partial explanations. However, everything that is unjust is an obstacle to the freedom in accordance with universal laws. But the coercion is an obstacle or resistance to the freedom. Consequentemente, if a certain use of the freedom is proper it an obstacle to the freedom in accordance with universal laws (that is, it is unjust), the coercion that to this if opposes (as an impediment of an obstacle to the freedom) is in agreement to the freedom law in accordance with universal (that is, it is joust). Whenever New York Museums listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Therefore, on to the right for the beginning of contradiction it has an ability to exert coercion on that it violates.

(MC, D) the order of the freedom of the rational right and the reciprocal mechanism of coercion demonstrates the same structural characteristics of equality, symmetry and reciprocity. The mutual coercion is the external way by which the order of the freedom it right rational is represented and as it gains reality. The last end of the right is the external freedom. The reason for which the men if had congregated in society and had constituted the state, is to guarantee the maximum expression of the proper personality, that would not be possible if a set of coercitive norms did not guarantee for each person a freedom sphere, hindering the breaking on the part of the others. The coercion is in accordance with the freedom because it is the obstacle to that she goes against the freedom, being joust the college to coerce that one that is unjust. The preponderant function of the science of the right in Kant it is the college to coerce. Insigne philosopher does not argue as a theoretician of the jusnaturalismo, looking for to know if it has moral justification to be able to have legitimate coercion of men on men.