Assertive Communication

One of the biggest challenges of the human being today is to have the capacity of an assertive communication. According to Passadori (2011), this means to obtain to express themselves, if to affirm, placing what it is felt and it thought without being aggressive, always respecting itself and to the others, independent of right or wrong. When this assertividade does not occur, finishes generating conflicts, misunderstanding and damages, therefore it is not alone what we say, but also as we ahead carry in them of the situations. Inside of an organization, this if becomes more difficult due to the number of receivers gifts, therefore it is necessary to know the elements basic of a communication, that consists of: – Emitting: that individual that emits the message – is necessary that it knows the environment, the employees and the organizacional culture to choose which optimum canal to be used; – Canal: the way where if it transmits the message in writing – being able to be, telephone, verbally, among others; – Receiving: who receives this message – its paper also is essential, therefore it must be open and receptive to the message. The communication can be perfected through some elements, between them: to have a positive auto-image that will give security to it to interact with the others; to have objetividade, trying to be more clearly possible in the expressions; to learn to hear, as much to send the message how much to receive it; to be open to apply feedbacks in the best way. As result of an assertive communication, some benefits can be observed as: the reduction of interpersonal conflicts, improves of the organizacional climate, development of the leaderships, beyond propitiating the reach of positive results, as much in the professional scope, how much personal.