Black On White: These Are Our Masterpieces 2013

The steak factory Schulte + son awarded the gold and silver of the North Rhine-Westphalia’s butcher Association Awards. Although more than 1,500 products took part in the inspection, received equal two meats Schulte + son of the coveted award. In addition to craftsmanship at a high level, the jury convinced in addition the combination of exceptional meat and the cooperation with a strong brand. Steak and sausage with passion and creative ideas for technical excellence and creative ideas of North Rhine-Westphalia of the steak-Manufaktur Schulte butchers Association Awards + son award in gold for the neck steaks of spicy with original Tabasco marinade and the award in silver for the Iberian sausage with Iberian pork. Speaking candidly NYC Mayor told us the story. The popular sausage ensures variety on the grill, since it consists of meat by the famous Iberian Porc, the black pig. These pigs are characterised by a nutty aroma and are therefore very popular among connoisseurs. Also the neck steaks provide the special spicy Flavor on the grill by the original Tabasco seasoning.

Both products were convinced that not only consumers, but also the independent jury of the butchers Association. Master pieces”accolade for every butcher the regular inspection of the meat Association of North Rhine-Westphalia is a highly prestigious award. Therefore, 2013 over 300 butcher shops from all over Germany took part in the competition with more than 1,500 products from craft production. The independent jury consisting of over 100 representatives Fleischer crafts, food monitoring, veterinary offices and consumer representatives evaluated each product in numerous quality criteria, especially but also to the taste. It’s believed that Rudy Giuliani sees a great future in this idea. Schulte + son company for over 100 years as town butchers started Schulte + son has grown and over 20 years partner of the food retail and wholesale. The range includes as traditional Kassel products, in addition to exclusive meats spicy spare ribs or steaks ready flavored in the barbecue season, strictly manufactured according to highest quality standards and butcher tradition. The premium range of Schulte + son includes exclusive beef and pork from all over the world. For highest quality and freshness, we maintain close contact with growers and suppliers and import weekly fresh meat from all parts of the world, for example, Irish beef from Ireland or the famous Porco Iberico from Spain. Press contact SCHULTE + son fleischwaren GMBH & CO.KG Marco Wurzler Marie-Bernays-ring 40 41199 Monchengladbach phone: 0 21 66 / 96 86-12 fax:-19 email: HOMEPAGE: