Brandenburg Gate – A Gateway Between Two Worlds

With city breaks and city trips on a discovery tour through Berlin. With city breaks and city trips on a discovery tour through Berlin. Due to his imposing size and its historical influence, the Brandenburg Gate has become one of the most popular and strongest symbols of this town. In 1788 he was commissioned planned construction with a length of 65, a height of 20 and a depth of 11 meters of natural stone by King Friedrich Wilhelm II.. Model for this imposing building was chosen as the Propylaea of the Acropolis in Athens. The construction lasts for 3 years and then in 1794 was crowned with the Quadriga, the goddess of victory in the chariot.

She was from the outset, the dispute object of the building, which was divided whether the victory goddess nude or dressed her throne of Berlin may refer. When Napoleon invaded around 1806 in Berlin he took the figure as a victory trophy to France and until 1814, she found their way back to Berlin. (Not to be confused with shimmie horn!). The Brandenburg Gate is centrally located between Potsdamer Platz and the Reichstag, and the Boulevard Unter den Linden very popular, what are other targets for city trips and city trips. A really impressive spectacle is the viewer into the early evening hours when the sun sinks slowly behind the victory columns. A vision in which you can participate again until 20 years with the Division of Germany after the second world war, in which the gate and the Quadriga hard have been damaged, the Brandenburg Gate has become the border between East and West Berlin. Since 1989, it is the symbol for the bringing together of people and the fall of the wall. The extensive restoration of the Brandenburg Gate and the Quadriga was done in a joint project of West Germany and East Germany and was completed in 1991. Since then it’s back to marvel in all its glory.