Cancer Center Treatment

Cancer Treatment in Germany, the treatment of cancer in Germany, the most common diseases such as cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer (breast cancer), prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer. When the man reported that he had cancer, he and his family accept the tragic news, almost like a death sentence. The result is that almost all patients develop depression. So, they instead believe in their own recovery, to fight disease and beat him down without a fight. CANCER – DO NOT life-threatening diseases, and it can and should be treated! Recent developments in diagnosis and treatment of cancer, made Germany the undisputed world leader in cancer treatment. Germany has invested heavily in medical research aimed at exploring new cancer treatments.

Famous Cancer Center are taking hundreds of thousands of patients around the world. Patients diagnosed with cancer in the first, second, and in some cases and in the third stage, the success of treatment is 80-85%. Cancer Treatment in Germany – and this is oncosurgery therapy (chemotherapy, hormone, radiation and biological), only the combination of these methods gives the maximum effect it in the treatment of cancer. Treatment involves the use in Germany the aggregate of all modern methods. Surgery – the most common method of treating cancer. It allows you to actively fight the cancer of any location. This is a cancer of the lungs and mediastinum, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer cancer, gall bladder and bile ducts, stomach cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer (prostate cancer), cervical cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer (breast cancer). Sometimes disease can be detected at a stage where there are already metastases in different organs: lymph nodes, liver.

When patients were asked earlier this conservative treatment, aimed at lengthening life expectancy, now, such patients have a good chance of being healthy. Radio radiation therapy and the use of modern technologies allow, without affecting healthy tissue, to irradiate only the lesion with cancer. In the treatment of oncology clinics in Germany, is efficiently used intraarterial chemotherapy: a highly concentrated chemotherapy is fed directly to the tumor through injected intravenously catheter, and all the toxic dose is absorbed by cancer. In addition, indications of cancer treatment in Germany is widely used technique of embolization of the tumor. Are special preparations which cover all the blood vessels that feed cancerous tumors, thus stopping its progression. In the future, it decreases in size. This is good for a radical surgery in the treatment of cancer. Radiation therapy or radiotherapy – a procedure of irradiation of tumors with X-rays. Cancer cells, which kills, but the cells of the body remain practically unscathed. Cancer treatment by radiation therapy clinics in Germany, is usually performed in conjunction with surgery and chemotherapy. Irradiation is carried out in several sessions using the most modern equipment. One session of radiotherapy lasts up to five minutes. Hormone therapy – is the use of hormonal and anti-hormonal drugs. Treatment of hormone therapy practice in the treatment of breast cancer in Germany, as well as in the treatment of prostate cancer. In some cases the only possible way to treat cancer and other neoplasms is – the Gamma Knife. Gamma Knife – a medical setting, working with directional, concentrated gamma radiation. The Gamma Knife can treat vascular neoplasms, tumors (cancer) of the brain and spinal cord, including metastases, without surgical intervention and prolonged exposure mnogonedelnogo. And the use of neyronavigatsionnoy system allows you to remove a tumor (cancer) size of a poppy seed, without damaging healthy tissue.