Daniela Alfinito – Madness

The new album of Daniela Alfinito – madness – from March 19, 2010 in the trade a strong woman with much feeling! -\”Star in my sky, lie me again, when is the madness to an end, as a rose in the snow\”-only the names of the individual songs reveal the energy and the emotional world of the singer DANIELA ALFINITO. With its 13 song include ends album \”Madness\”, published by EMI Music Germany (Electrola) on March 19, 2010, marked DANIELA ALFINITO their priorities and sets her life motto in the scene at the same time: \”I’m very spontaneous and fun, sometimes thoughtful and sad. For all my emotions, I try to take time, she live, and not hide them. \”Because only emotions make us finally what we are – to people.\” The person: DANIELA ALFINITO was born in 1971 on the edge of the Vogelsberg in Villingen-Schwenningen. She spent her childhood in a musical family, the talent she inherited from her father and great-grandfather. Bernd Ulrich’s daughter or the niece of Karl-Heinz Ulrich (\”Amigos\”) was at 7 years old the first time on the stage. When she could and was allowed to the two accompanying her. To Daniela: \”I’m happy with my father and my uncle on the stage.

It makes to play me very great pleasure with the \”Amigos\”, and to make the people around us happy.\” But that life consists not only of music and fun, quickly recognized Daniela and chose a very important for her career: \”I’ve learned the profession of the Altenpflegerin deliberately. Dealing with people and love to care were, and have always been important to me. Everyone has the right to grow old gracefully and to get the necessary help. To do this, I want to make my contribution.\” Since 1995, happily married, life by DANIELA ALFINITO holds another parade role, that like to fill them and copes with flying colors: as a mother of a 13 years old son.