Imperial Russia

You can not build a palliative: a little from the practice of Imperial Russia with the Orthodox (regiment), individual priests and Muslim parts, a little (really) from the Soviet army, well, a bit of current – Russian. Will a hybrid similar to the "black sheep" of the order and principles contradict each other. 2. From reliable sources it is known that the protection of the motherland is seen as an exclusively "Russian business". Accordingly, implicit instructions determine the degree of trust and / or distrust, the possibility of career advancement, depending on nationality and religion.

This is especially true soldiers and officers from several republics North Caucasus. Ideological "pump" for future military officers in the Russian academies and VU is not devoid of xenophobic (particularly kavkazofobskih) motifs, which was not a trace of the Soviet military academies. Therefore, we believe that the roots of ethnic conflicts in the army to be found in the "heads" of officers, the ignorance and unwillingness to know and understand the psychology and culture of his subordinates in the inability to become real leaders for them. The phenomenon of "hazing", as a consequence of such failure, although there is another reason, as described below. 3. Why the army can not restore a full-fledged institute ranks, with the corresponding training courses, which existed until the 60s of the last century? That has since been gradually "bloomed" hazing, and vices of the current army.

Save on costly sergeants now the Russian army. 4. It is known that many recruits from the North Caucasus (Dagestan and Ingushetia, primarily) would be willing to serve and defend our homeland on the southern borders of Russia, to take account of their religious needs and statutory requirements would not contradict their (National) traditions of decent behavior in military units. According to these rules commander (branches, platoon, company) must be a true leader, mentor and fair in any case not to humiliate a subordinate; Junior (age) is obliged to respect the elder and the elder shall endeavor to be worthy of respect; task worthy men, must comply with title defender homeland; duty, cleaning, etc.