Mexican History

Along the way many people with a descici n, with a movement generate an expanding universe, expanding more moves, we never even remotely imagine how many things we got to move to its logical as well as constructive as destructive. 23 years ago there was someone that despite my inexperience and lack of knowledge, touched my life so unique and definitive causing a universe of new possibilities for me. At that time I had not even remotely opportunities as an actor in the Mexican dubbing.All history is composed of small stories that make up and the is already part of history Doblaje Mexicano In those years when I came to the dubbing for the first time I stepped on the studies of caterpillar, so called because it was on the streets of Caterpillar 3 in the colony Spartacus. There were 2 companies together, the trio managed by SISSA Joe Giaccardi in the area of sales and customer management, Raymundo Sanchez Aldana in the administrative area and Felipe Rivera in the production area. Moreover CLASSA company, headed by Mr. Gabriel Toquero. Despite spending many days seeing as it was this difficult art in the halls of the company SISSA, I had no opportunity to work more than a fish (this is called when there is not an actor and another actor he makes up for the moment). But when I went to the room that drove the Lord Toquero, was different.