Alexander Tkach Products

As it can be judged on taste and style of Rights, and the company he represents. After all, "met on clothes …" Diary of company logo catches the eye, said the situation in society, preferences, likes or user. In other words, the planner does support corporate style, and takes directly involved in creating its image. Also, daily is best suited as a business gift. Psychologists believe that advertising your company on souvenirs usually favorably perceived by others, not create a favorable atmosphere for business communications. " About who is also a customer applying for notebooks, said Alexander Tkach, "rush hour": "The main audience for buying notebooks for drawing up direct corporate clients, who appreciate the image of their company and market operators promotional products. Last in service of the same corporate clients value their reputation and offer only high quality and name brand products.

" Warning: what and how to choose? When choosing a buyer diaries at the range of product characteristics. Will try to highlight the main ones. TM and producing country. This is the first thing that draws the attention of the buyer. Ukraine has already made diaries, quality is not in the least inferior to imported products (VIF, JULADA). But so it happened that the domestic consumer to still believes that the import thing better Ukrainian daily newspaper. Of course, the quality of goods imported from abroad, is quite high, and a huge market share is divided among several leading TM: BRUNNEN, LEDIBERG, NAZARENO GABRIELLI.

Price. Choosing Ukraine is a cheap (economy), as well as expensive products (business elites). Today, a large widely diaries with the "average" price. Cover. Hardcover – a very important element of the calendar. It is for binding Buyers appreciate how prestigious is good. Cheapest diaries have a thin skin, they are short-lived and soon wear out. Those products that claim to be the name of a good product, under cover has foam or cardboard liner.