Christmas Package

The colorful vegetables family there now with \”Star of Christmas\” DVD, radio play and PC quiz by rocket-propelled the vegetable star of Christmas\”on wild chase through London of the year 1880. In a time in which the bulb is just invented and yet almost nobody knows a coach without a horse, into the final preparations for the Grand Christmas musical (Bob tomato) Cavis and Millward (Larry Gurke). Only one thing is missing for the perfect performance: the star of Christmas! At night and in fog the vegetables takes a lot to still borrow the Star\”. When finally nothing more after running plan, Bob tomato and Larry Gurke understand, what is really important… star of Christmas\”a turbulent Christmas adventure, is released from 0 years, that the true message of Christmas passes.

Heinz Erhardt grandson, Marek Erhardt (language Bob tomato), Tobias Kunzel by the Prince (vocals Bob tomato) and Gerald Schaale (speech and vocals Larry Gurke) lend their voices to the fresh vegetables. Comedian Tetje programming village fills the role of the roundish Jimmy pumpkin with speech and song. Also starring speak and sing: Monty Arnold (Mr. Lunt the potato), Andreas of the Meden (Archibald asparagus), Astrid Kollex (Madame Blueberry), Hanjo Gabler and Florence Joy (vocals). With in the VeggieTales Christmas package star of Christmas \”for a journey of discovery in the areas of nature, technology, and Christmas is the eponymous radio play and the first VeggieTales PC quiz. At the same time, a fair assessment for ages and the text-to-speech function guarantee 600 multimedia questions with snappy video excerpts from the VeggieTales adventure, the option for multiple player registrations exciting puzzle fun! We will gladly send you press the VeggieTales Christmas package star of Christmas\”with DVD, radio play and quiz as a review copy, as well as other graphics for your publication to. The brand of VeggieTales VeggieTales thats knackfrischer vegetables fun with valuable content, exciting stories, and ravishing songs.