Ostap Bender

Hello, dear readers! Otmelkali garlands and lights of fireworks New Year's Eve! Otshumeli tinkling of glasses and many-voiced congratulations and wishes of health, kindness, prosperity, love, happiness .. And, perhaps, each of us at least once thought that if all of the wishes fulfilled at least one third! .. Trees has much to offer in this field. That would be healed! WOULD … not for nothing that say the best – the worst enemy of all good. Me about it and wanted to talk to you.

"Alex, how much you need to be happy? "- remember, the classics, the words of Ostap Bender. But the wisest of the question! How often do we ask ourselves everyday life it? Do we know what and how much do we need for happiness? I suppose that many would say – yes, I very clear idea of what parameters is characterized by happiness. Then follow the description. And, as a rule, that of life values, which are not present or not in the quality-quantity as dreams. Family (in best traditions of Hollywood melodramas), flat (in the description will necessarily important area, footage, finishes, furnishings, etc.), business (everything is simple – the number of zeros after the numbers in the "income"), a machine (similar to the description apartments, only the parameters, etc.), health (everything is buggy – I want to be strong, a lot, but it is not clear exactly what and how it should look like), recreation (float realistic colorful and vivid pictures of the brochures travel agencies), etc. And here, add known proverb: "Money is not happiness, but their number," "Happiness – it's when you realize," "Happy hours are not watching," "Happiness must be sufferings …" Just get lost! So How much and what? At all times, in the discourse of the happiness I did not give a thought of rest. It is not clear.