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Dad Swore He Was Not A Child No Threat During A Terrible

The child’s mother was in hospital with a broken arm, accused the police on Sunday that they stabbed the boy, pulling his hands from his mad father. Tredon Mann, just two months, was caught in the middle of a terrible showdown on Friday night between police and his bipolar father, Trevor Mann, 26 years old. Naked and raving mad, waving a burning branch Mann Christmas Tree Police, holding the boy, police said. Tredona hand was broken, because the police have subjected Mann, a cousin of Romona Moore, whose violence and murder in 2003 shocked the country. Mann was arrested and sent to a psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital.

His girlfriend, Donna Yangayatti, 24 years, said that Mann had told her to Bellevue on Sunday that police Tezered it and then tore up their child from his hands. “He said he told police that he was not going to cause a child pain,” she said. “They dragged him out of his hands and broke his arm. “Deputy District Commissioner NSDI Paul Brown blamed the injury on a child Mann, who was accompanied by his Flatbush, Brooklyn, home of the reserve police officer who saw that he ran red light and crashed into another vehicle. “Mann – the one who put the child in danger,” said Brown, chief representative of the NSDI.

“Officials have saved the boy. Any injury a child has been performing Mann. “Brown declined to describe, as a reserve police officer and makes a copy of officials subordinate to Mann, a mechanic work on the train without a disability. Yangayatti admitted that Mann’s mental condition played a role in the confrontation with the police. “I do not I know what was going on in his head, “she said, adding that she was so afraid of his anger that she did not remember what happened. Mann’s family earlier accused police that they were not able to properly investigate disappearance of Moore because it was dark-skinned. Hunter College student was kidnapped by two gang members Blood, imprisoned in a filthy Brooklyn apartment and raped, tortured and killed. Disgusting murder of Moore, and the recent death of mental demons worse relative made Mann, said his identical twin, Travis Mann, who said he was also bipolar. “This – a big blow to the family,” said Travis Mann relatively fusion of his brother and his arrest. “We are trying to survive one day at a time.”