Assertive Communication

One of the biggest challenges of the human being today is to have the capacity of an assertive communication. According to Passadori (2011), this means to obtain to express themselves, if to affirm, placing what it is felt and it thought without being aggressive, always respecting itself and to the others, independent of right or wrong. When this assertividade does not occur, finishes generating conflicts, misunderstanding and damages, therefore it is not alone what we say, but also as we ahead carry in them of the situations. Inside of an organization, this if becomes more difficult due to the number of receivers gifts, therefore it is necessary to know the elements basic of a communication, that consists of: – Emitting: that individual that emits the message – is necessary that it knows the environment, the employees and the organizacional culture to choose which optimum canal to be used; – Canal: the way where if it transmits the message in writing – being able to be, telephone, verbally, among others; – Receiving: who receives this message – its paper also is essential, therefore it must be open and receptive to the message. The communication can be perfected through some elements, between them: to have a positive auto-image that will give security to it to interact with the others; to have objetividade, trying to be more clearly possible in the expressions; to learn to hear, as much to send the message how much to receive it; to be open to apply feedbacks in the best way. As result of an assertive communication, some benefits can be observed as: the reduction of interpersonal conflicts, improves of the organizacional climate, development of the leaderships, beyond propitiating the reach of positive results, as much in the professional scope, how much personal.

Understanding Love

' I you Amo' ' , which will be the meaning of this word? In our day the day we have some examples of people who do not know the meaning of the love. They promise love for entire life, they are married has children and in the end they separate. The biggest example of couple that we had was Maria and Jose. Maria was the chosen one to have the son of Deus.O Angel Gabriel appeared in its dream and disse' ' Glad Maria! You chose you! You are pregnant of the son of God to who you will call Jesus. It will be the Son of the Highest one and will reign forever. Maria was without reaction and said; ' ' more as it will be possible therefore if nor married I am? ' ' The Angel Gabriel disse' ' For the power and workmanship of the Espirito Santo you will conceive. Its son will be called ' ' The Son of Deus' ' He happened times later, that emperor August Cesar decreed a census. Each person would have to register itself in the city where she had been born.

The Angel appeared alone again who of this time for Jose, counted and it on the pregnancy and that it would be its adoptive son. Jose understood, Jesus was born and created it and loved until its last sigh. More information is housed here: New York Museums. Thus it would have to be all the couples. Which the meaning of the love? Without love that felt has the life? You are workmanship of the love biggest that was God who gave to you. It sent its son to the world to all save you and to free of the sin, and he granted to the life and more beautiful art to you that is the love.

Personal Presentation

What the organization values in the people to integrate its pictures? That abilities, aptitudes, knowledge, attitudes must be general to all? Good Mood; Enthusiasm; Spirit To serve and to learn; Humildade; Participation/Envolvement; Personal Presentation, capacity and ability. The collaborator must be qualified in the task to be carried through. The people need to know which the intention of what they make, beyond recognizing this intention as excellent. In this condition the people if only make use to make something more and to dedicate efforts you add and many not requested times. The collaborator who understands its mission and of the company, it surpasses, goes beyond and finds ways to deliver what the necessary organization. This satisfies at the same time it carries through and it professionally. Certainly money is and it will always be an important motivador of people.

But, although basic, it is not enough. She is necessary to tread the way of the enrollment, in case that contrary the people give up and if they forget to inform, remaining in the company with only focus in the wage received for the vendidas hours to the company. Clearly that a wage increase can promote motivation temporary, but is the question: how much a company will have to spend to make with that its collaborators want to make the correct thing, of skill certain in the alias process, during every day of the month, every month of the year? Many times, a professional can dominate abilities mannering techniques and to take care of to the expectations of the organization. However, it is not only the good will and the persistence of the employee that exerts influence on its performance, after all the company also contracted that it has that to give support so that its teams feel themselves stimulated to be successful and to surpass challenges every day.

Latin America

Let us consider, for example, what it happened to the canibalismo and the slavery and the effect of the moral persuasion and the legal sanctions on the racial and sexual discrimination. At least part of the diversity it yielded ahead of a reasonable persuasion. Of a Christian perspective, this is particularly worthy of attention, in a similar way that the light of the truth can correct distortions of resultant behavior and consistency of the sin. It is also observed as the relativismo is impracticable ahead of cultures in conflict. If all morality is relative, that moral objections could be interposed before holocausto nazista or the economic crushing of inferior classrooms in Latin America, or ahead of a militarista country that used nuclear weapons against excessively? Or what it would be made a mistake in the accomplishment of painful experiences in children, using them for study of the psychological effect of the mutilation? In a world where a moral court of appeal does not exist, the force produces the effect. The only one I appeal possible it could be to the force, not to be that let us find common bases of coexistence in principles and values. The thesis of the diversity, therefore, in such a way exaggerates the variety how much the extension of the ethical relativismo. In any way, this does not imply nor that the practical moral must vary as they vary, nor that the moral beliefs cannot be true, independently of as the people really they behave.

e) The thesis of the dependence the relativistas, as the anthropologist above cited, supports the thesis of the dependence, this is, that the moral is a question of independent rational judgment, but depends on the cultural context. Therefore, the particular moral of a people cannot be different of what in fact it is. It does not matter if its moral beliefs are true or false.