But personally, I would advise you to pay attention to the fact that we need a so-called “workhorse”. Pay attention to the possibility to install two drives DVD-RW from different manufacturers. Archives Project, DVD with the finished film, unused scenes, collection of sounds and videozagotovok it all to write often and long hours, and in this important matter a second drive may be a good help. What is FireWire? To transport video DV-camcorder, uses a special interface – FireWire (or, equivalently, IEEE-1394). According to it, video is simply copied without any changes to your hard drive. As a rule modern motherboards are already equipped with the controller, but If you’re unlucky, it is not difficult to purchase and install separately.

There are two price of FireWire PCI-controllers – cheap OEM for 8-20 dollars and expensive Retail price around 50 dollars. The second differs from the first beautiful packaging, cord to connect the camera so Kriven’ko software included. This option should not be considered for obvious reasons. Cheap OEM for $ 8 and $ 20 are sometimes different from each other stability work (in favor of a more expensive option, of course), but not with video cameras and other FireWire-devices such as hard disk drives. If you plan to buy the controller for connecting the camcorder, boldly take the cheapest option. Add to your understanding with jim. Note, however, that regardless of the price is always a slight chance of incompatibility of your camera and controller.