Appius Claudius

In any case insist that the most prudent men holy calling a man would seem totally ridiculous. But we must not forget that Rome like all peoples of the earth received and formed a multitude of beliefs. Fustel de Coulanges in his work conveys the ancient city following when he says: “there would more closely tie that bound the members of a gens, because united by the celebration of the same sacred ceremonies, helped one another in all the necessities of life, the whole gens responded to the debts of any member, rescued prisoners, paid the fines for those who incurred them, and if any of their own was appointed a judge, paid between all the expenses neckline he carried the judiciary. The fact the defendant appear in court accompanied by all the members of their gens demonstrates the solidarity which established the law between men and body. Which included. It was an act contrary to religion arise against a member of his gens or simply appear as a witness against him. Claudio True, a person of consideration was a personal enemy of the decemvirs Appius Claudius, but when it was cited to court and threatened with death, that claudio is present to defend him and beg the people for them, not without warning that if he gave this step. Augusto then became president of the senate in 23 BC was awarded the title of imperium proconsular Majus, which gave him authority over all the provinces in 22 BC was the tribune of potestas, which gave him the power of the tribunes of the people, and also was appointed Consul for life in 19 BC and was granted the right to enact laws without the consent of the elections in 18 BC..