Practical Methodologies

Subject Management of People, aims at to characterize servers for better performance of its attributions, being observed ethical and moral standards in the management of abilities and the knowledge, with sights to the execution of the strategy. Infra subject structure and Technology intends to structuralize the technology of the information and its management of form to guarantee the development, the perfectioning and availability of the essential systems to the functioning of the Court and the execution of the strategy. Subject Budget to guarantee the resources of indispensable expenditure and investment to the functioning of the Court and the execution of the strategy, observing the principles norteadores of the public administration. 6. Conclusion Considers the strategical planning as instrument technician-politician who allows to define mission, values and objectives of the institution, as an initial landmark of the process of organizacional change. With the Strategical Planning as management instrument, the entrepreneurs can gain greater benefits on other types of information, a time that this tool grants interesting clarividncia of the direction which the company must follow to reach resulted, objective or goals. However, this will be possible when a strategical plan is elaborated, from an intense set of procedures materialized in a business plan. E, as Oliveira (2004) the Strategical Planning can be appraised as a process, considering the boarded aspects for the dimensions previously presented, developed for the reach of a desired situation in a more efficient, efficient and effective way, with the best concentration of efforts and resources for the company.

Valley to stand out that the accomplishment of the strategical planning brings innumerable benefits for the governmental institutions, when this it is coherent, reasonable and incorporated to the day the day of the organization. In this text, it was looked to inside show the methodology used for the Supreme Court of Justice of the process of strategical administration, placing as a useful tool for the management of the organizations. Some important concepts had been described on strategical planning, strategical vision that in very can contribute for the reflection of the administrators, and that directly they are related to the process of strategical planning. References COUTO, Marcio of the Lake. Strategical planning. Rio De Janeiro.

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