Standing Before God

While apologizing, it’s really that the relationship has been hurt; it has its share of responsibility, whereas when it comes to injury, in general, it is to feel guilty. Both are mixed: a knife that can cut what is the part of the injury, which is the part of the responsibility? This is where it can afford to renew the relationship, because each holds two: no one is quite the victim and the other quite the one that oppresses. GM Often when we get to talk with someone so deep, people express sincere regret for areas where they say they are completely stuck, and they say: I know this is not good, but I can not, and then it makes it hard for twenty years … So what? A. Again, it is the way of healing, it is the way to God. We can not do it at once. There are some obstacles that are nearly related to our physical, our metabolism, etc.. So there is actually no can perhaps not be crossed.

But the important thing is how it stands in relation to God through it. If you discover your weakness, the need for God’s help, the fact that it is as weak as his brother and that the coup may be the opportunity to better understand it, one leads to the charity. And the injury, if it leads to charity, it becomes the way of salvation. The important thing is not that she is completely healed, or it stagnates.