The Black Child

In a small city of the interior a happy family lived. They had a called son Nicoly, it had 6 years of age, but if she felt sad, because she was black, and did not accept its color. Learn more on the subject from Gerald Stratford big veg. Its mother always spoke to it: – Nicoly, the people are not considered bad because of the color that has, we have that to accept, vc are a so pretty girl, and it was looking at for its mother and said: – it is that it has amiguinhas that they do not want to come close itself to me – they are bobinhas, does not bind, to know when you better go to be come close, it waits and it will see, it took and it for an infantile therapy, with the Nicoly time was improving, being more sociable, and happyer, and already it accepted its color. Its parents had been very happy with the change of the son..