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Several rooms of the largest house in the United States are located North Carolina palatial Biltmore Estate in Asheville, in the midst of the Great Smokey Mountains from immediately accessible by the public antler Hill village as a further attraction, is equal to two new attractions: visitors never-before-seen room are available immediately for the public accessible. For example, the room of Louis XV, which often is referred to as the heart of Biltmore and is one of the largest rooms at all. To make it even more attractive the destination farm opens adjacent to the winery belonging to the estate, and river bend a new amusement mile in spring 2010. The pedestrian-friendly antler Hill village includes new exhibition space for live entertainment, restaurants, shopping and a new outdoor adventure centre. Part of the $18.6 million project is a newly designed tour of the winery and newly created premises for wine tasting. The Biltmore Estate “the largest private home in America is distributed with its 250 rooms on an area of 16,300 square meters and known from the movie Richie Rich”. Originally, it was the home of George Washington Vanderbilt II, Member of the successful entrepreneurial family Vanderbilt, who gained great wealth through the ownership of the most important railway lines. Next to the giant House, there are centuries old gardens, which impress the visitors in every season.

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