Southwest Voice

Complement the regional availability of extended product range in the area of VPNs, MPLS-based Berlin, June 2009 – the DeTeWe Communications GmbH, with headquarters in Berlin and the tele – communications provider Versatel have signed a reseller contract. Thus the DeTeWe communications closes gaps that could be covered so far still not optimally in their of voice and data services (carrier services) and WAN networks now in regions. In addition, the full service provider in the area of convergent ICT solutions with this agreement expands its product range in the area of VPNs, MPLS-based (multi protocol label switching). DeTeWe communications provides the connections of Versatel-related under the name’. Thanks to the highly available voice and data networks by Versatel we now can include voice connections in other regions of Germany as Act, for example, in Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, Saxony and in the Southwest and in the Ruhr area with and here for our customers with flat rate and implement Broadband DSL connections. Therefore, our customers now also in these areas get all services for converged voice and data solutions to optimize their communication processes at the DeTeWe communications from a single source.

Thus, they have just one contact for technology and accounting. In addition, you can rely on a network without interface problems. The full cost transparency in addition in their statements\”, brings Juergen Voege, head of sales services at the DeTeWe communications, the advantages for the customers of the company to the point. offers choices between different connection options. includes seconds-accurate billing in S0 and S2M voice connections. includes S0 connections with flat rate in the German fixed network (with or without EuroFlat) and S2M ports with a monthly 60,000 minute package to German landlines and also in euro-zone countries. The tariff offers both symmetrical and asymmetrical DSL connections including router DeTeWe.