American Tobacco

The fast loss of market, in these countries, is compensated by a daindstria advance of the tobacco in the developed nations less. Had to the daexpectativa increase of life in the countries of the Third World, it is of if foreseeing a enormeincremento of the taxes of incidence of the induced for the tobacco, entreos which cardiac illnesses, pulmonary sufferings the neoplasias. In fact, ' ' the cigarette provokes 26 fatal diseases (11 types of cancer, seisdoenas cardiovascular, five respiratory and four peditricas), the life of who shortens emcinco years consumes 15 cigarettes per day and cause a serious dependnciato how much of herona' '. (OAK, 2001, P. 22) Since 1954, 800 American actions had been judged.

In the year of 1999, however, great asprimeiras victories had started to appear. Between February and daqueleano March, the Philip Morris was condemned to more than pay to 130 million dollar aduas victims of lung cancer. Four months later, together with BritishAmerican Tobacco and the R.J. Reynolds, Philips Morris was considered culpadapor to vender viciante and harmful product to the health. The verdict against the companies was given by a jury of the Flrida and meant amaior defeats already suffered for the manufacturers. For the first time in history, one gave to anticipated prevailing to all the smokers of an only State queporventura had been wronged for the cigarette.

They is esteem that this can cost 500bilhes of dollar to the American industry of the tobacco. The irony is that, although the fury anti-I smoke, the consumption continues to increase. In 1995, for example, 5.1 trillions of cigarettes per year in the world were lit. Currently, the smoke curtain is still more dense. In the year of 2000, 106 decigarros billion had been vendidos legally in Brazil, what faturamentode represented one 6 billion dollar. However, in middle of year 2000 the Project of queproibia Law was approved in Brazil the advertising of the cigarette in all the medias, as well as ascotas of sponsorships of esportivos and cultural events, with exception it PDV.