Basic Abilities

What makes an entrepreneur? This has been the question that for a long time and in many scopes has been posed. It is inquired on the characteristics that must have a successful entrepreneur and if it is born with those characteristics or they are learned. Every day in the world new and successful entrepreneurs are born. But the question continues, one is born enterprising or becomes entrepreneur? The discussion on this subject does not finish. Some think that it is born enterprising and others think that can be taught (to learn) to be an entrepreneur.

Still more, many enterprising being is similar to being an artist, anyway is due to act. Of some realised surveys one follows that, for some people, an entrepreneur is a leader, with clear objectives, disciplined, competitive and until charismatic. Nevertheless, for other people, an entrepreneur is adventurous, that is always facing risks. What we could say to all this? In some sense, both theories take something of reason. It is verified that the majority of successful entrepreneurs have common some qualities and abilities, which allow them, indeed, to be successful. In this case, these qualities, can be taught. Nevertheless, frequently it seems to be, rather, an inherent force that drives these people to enter the businesses or to prepare itself formally to initiate a race in the businesses, and to develop projects like entrepreneurs.

But what we could say of an entrepreneur, it differentiates that it from the other people? First of all, the entrepreneurs have a vision different from the world surrounds that them. They see it like a system, like an integrated unit, in which they see opportunities continuously. He turns them to this, simultaneously, in constant thinkers, seeing opportunities constantly to undertake a business or a project. He characterizes his desire of triumph, and they become people who still compete against themselves.